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Top Secrets to Having Flawless Wedding Day Makeup

The day every girls dreams about is coming true for you! The man of your dreams has proposed, you have been showing off your ring, and smiling from ear to ear for days. Now that you two have set your date it is time to start planning, booking, and securing important people to make your day go off with no errors or bridezilla moments.

Booking your makeup artist is one of the most important people you need on your big day. Why? You will take thousands of pictures that will last for a lifetime.... When you look back at those pictures what do you want to say?

Here's a list of things you don't want to say:
1. OMG my brows were huge!
2. OMG what was the beauty trend!?
3. OMG that doesn't look at me!

To prevent from having those moments there a few secrets you need to know and I am spilling allll the tea. Shhhhh and tell all your friends.

Preparing your skin for your wedding day is as important as finding the one wants to get married with bad skin or at a horrible location. Ok...maybe a little dramatic but both statements are very true.

One of the biggest regrets #luxbrides tell me is that they didn't have a skin routine leading up to their big day BUT expected to have flawless skin. You will be stressed and filled with emotions which can be very harsh on the skin causing breakouts, premature wrinkles and/or blemishes.

So if your big day is approaching you want to read the tops secrets to having flawless wedding day makeup! You can totally play Flawless by Beyonce as you read to set the mood. Lol

#1- Find a Dermatologist 
Don't waste time hiring Google to help your skin. Invest in a real doctor to tell you what is going on with your skin. Once the doc has spoken you can choose how to proceed. Personally I didn't like the medications given so I went old school/ remedy to calm and stop acne. Before going to the doctor I thought I had eczema - spent hundreds on products that didn't work because they were the WRONG products. Find a great dermatologist in your location HERE

#2- Create a skin care regimen.
Now that you have completed step 1 it is time to get that skin glowing. Creating a skin care regimen is needed for daily usage. Don't stop once you start to see results- this is our biggest mistake. Instead continue to use until after the honey moon. Find out your skin type HERE to start the process. Knowing your skin type will also help the makeup artist use the right type of foundation. Using the wrong skin type foundation or products can prevent makeup lasting for long periods of time after application.

A few in-store products I recommend for all skin types are;
- Face wash
- Witch Hazel
- Astringent

#3- Get a facial. 
Depending on your skin type you may need a couple of facials before your big day. I would not recommend more than 1 facial a month. Facials are that hidden gem we forget about because it sounds sooo expensive. However, there are many benefits your skin is missing out on that can help you have flawless wedding day makeup. Some of the benefits include; deep cleaning (a wash cloth & soap won't do this), anti-aging (no stress or premature wrinkles), skin rejuvenation, calming (relax during this high stress time), and will help your skin regimen perform at its best.
* -want a blog post about the different types of facials? Let me know below.)-*

#4- Under eye mask it.  
Hydrating the under eye will reduce the puffiness from the bachelorette party the night before and prevent creasing of the concealer. The Wandar eye mask instantly brighten and tighten the skin around the eye area. In all your pictures the focus is mainly the dress and eyes. If the eyes look tired, red, or puffy they will show up in pictures which will require your photographer to do additional editing or show up in the countless phone pictures from guest. Don't skip the eye mask before makeup application.

#5- Hire a professional makeup artist.
I know you are probably thinking..this is not a secret Christina. However, I have heard countless horror stories from brides to be about how their makeup artist didn't give a consultation (red flag), unprofessional (cussing or bad attitude), couldn't get in contact with them after paying deposit and many many many more stories. Don't hire your friend who is just starting out or cousin who changes passions monthly to support their dream- save that for going out nights or practice sessions. Your wedding day is a moment you have to remember FOREVER & pictures can only be edited so much before you say "OMG that doesn't look like me"! Determine the type of look you want- natural, dramatic, modern etc. Depending on your request the artist may not be the best in that application. Ask for their work, attend bridal shows, or just book a #luxexperience if we can't help you I will point you in the right direction. Overall, hire a professional makeup artist.

Many of the top secrets focus on your skin because flawless makeup is only as great as the skin it is applied too! 

Don't make the mistake thousands of brides do yearly putting their skin last. Have a beauty question? Leave it below and it can be the next blog post.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Stay lux & confident!

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