Friday, May 25, 2018

Best Shoe Sites for Women Size 9-15

You have your glass of wine, music playing on Pandora, and laptop open (or phone) ready to search for new shoes! Let’s be honest who doesn’t like shopping for shoes?? We only have two feet but need tons to choose from…yes NEED! Lol So many styles to choose from but only a few are lucky to get added to the cart.

However, if you have a size 9 and up foot the shoe shopping experience may not be as exciting.

It’s more like wine, music, laptop, searching on dozens of websites, starting to feel frustrated, being frustrated, filling wine glass again and trying to find what you need but ending up with ugly, plain, flats. Yea, doesn't really sound like a great evening anymore.

Your evening can end GREAT! Keep reading...

So many of my clients have super stylish outfits but feel limited to shoes- they have the basic black, nude, and brown shoes. I preach building the basics first but it can make getting dressed boring if you are limited to only 3 styles. Even minimalist have 5 types to choose from on a daily basis.

Well no worries…I did all the research for you so save your time and get back to enjoying the shoe shopping experience. Below are the bestshoe sites for women size 9-15….YEP I found up to a size 15! Woohoo…do your happy dance!

Just let me know if you find something cute below in the comments or over on social media –Instagram : @pinkluxpl

4. Zappos

Thank you for reading this blog post. Stay lux & confident!

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