Friday, January 5, 2018

6 Fashion Trends that Need to Stop in 2018!

By a raise of hands how tired are you of the crazy Instagram fashion trends of 2017?

(Raises both hands and screams MEEEEE)

Every year the fashion industry gives us some fabulous trends that turn into necessities like stripes or mixed prints. However, it also gives us some horrible trends like garbage bags worn as dresses but put a $2000 price tag. (Crazy right?!)  Just because it’s created doesn’t mean it needs to be around forever. Trends are meant to go away and new ones will be created. Below are 2017 trends I wish would just burn….okay a little dramatic but as a personal wardrobe expert they literally make me cringe when I see them on women & men. No shade if some are your favorite. :/ You rocked them in 2017 now it’s time to donate….or throw away!

Jason Dean 

#1: Clear heels.
No matter how cute these shoes are on women’s feet after a few moments they look like someone trying to squeeze their foot to wear Cinderella size 6 glass slippers. The boot version makes everyone’s feet look sweaty and in need of air conditioning. The trend was cute but like all things they must come to a STOP at some point.

#2: Leggings as pants.
Wearing leggings as pants was never ok in ANY year however, in 2017 (Thank you Kim Kardashian) legging outfits where the “it” look and I am pleased to announce it needs to STOP! Just because you add an oversized coat to the outfit leggings are NOT pants. Leggings should not show underwear, camel toe, or pubic hairs. I am sorry but that is what I have seen since this trend became popular. Leggings will now and always be a layering piece not the main piece.

#3: Fur slides.
Where do I start….just stop….throw away immediately! That’s all….

#4: Shower robes as dresses.
This is the perfect example of “just wear what you have on” when your friend calls you last minute to invite you to an event. However, I don’t think she/he meant it literally. I am nervous that next shower caps will be the new hat. (If you see this remember you read it here first! Haha) Rita makes it look fabulous on the red carpet but was I the only one terrified the whole time her belt would come undone or loosen. I don’t know about your robes but mine never stays completely closed a little too much boob shows. Just me? 

 #5: See through dresses.
Soooooooooooo why wear a dress? Mesh, lace, plastic etc doesn’t keep you warm, covered up, or decent.  This is what I consider indecent exposure! It is an illegal action in every state so please bring back the real dresses and STOP see through dresses. Leave them for sexy time in the bedroom with your mate.

#6: Shoe thigh high boots.
In 2017 thigh highs, waist highs, body highs where everywhere and seen on all your favorite celebrities to bloggers. I loved them and purchased for clients who desired to rock the trend too. However, like every trend someone always goes wayyyyy to far. This is when designers created the sock/shoe thigh high boot! They gave no ankle support, rolled down (team thick thighs), and looked horrible worn over jeans. Just STOP! 

Do you have any fashion trends you wish would just STOP in 2018? If so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Your Beauty & Style Expert

 P.s. No intentional shade given! xoxo


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