Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Beauty Products Every Video Content Creator Needs

In 2017 the #1 way people enjoyed their tips, information, knowledge was from video content. This includes webinars, YouTube videos, FaceBook Live, Instragram Live/post. Don’t get me wrong people still love to read but they rather get the content in video form. In 2018 video content is not going anywhere and I would advise you to stand out not blend in.

What does this mean for you?

It means hopping on with a 2 day not brushed/combed hair or running eyeliner days need to come to an end.

Just think about it from the viewer’s perspective. They are scrolling and see you looking uninviting with your image...guess what? They are going to keep scrolling or not take you serious if they choose to tune in. 

Does this mean you need to have on a full face of makeup? NO!

Does this mean you need a glam squad? NO!

It does mean you need to give your audience something to look at and not get distracted by your background or worse get bored.

The truth is you don’t need a beauty team on payroll just for you to go Live on Facebook or make Youtube videos. You do need to know what products and tools can help make you stand out from others in your profession.

There are millions of video content created daily. How will you stand out?

To get started these are the 5 beauty products every video content creator needs (They won’t cost you a fortune) :)

#1 Concealer- Remember a whole face of makeup isn’t needed but covering up a zit from pms time, redness, or dark under eye circles is needed. Find a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover those emergency moments. To make it appear like skin not a cover up- blend out with your finger in circular movements slowly going outward.

#2 Mascara- Eyes tell a lot about a person. Make your eyes pop instantly by adding mascara. If you have blonde eyelashes or very thin lashes they easily disappear in video content. Try darker mascara such as dark brown or black.

#3 Lipstick- (Step away from the nudes) Cameras are directed towards the face so making your lips pop can help you stand out from others in a positive way. It will catch the viewers attention, get them to start asking questions and listen to what you are saying.

#4 Nude Eyeliner- Unlike black liner- which closes the eye. Nude eyeliner makes the eye appear more open which makes watching the video easy on the viewer’s eye. If you have very large eyes wearing brown eyeliner will help tone down the eye shape but don’t make them appear closed.

#5 Eye Drops- Being on camera for long periods of time or being directly in front of lights can make your eyes red or dull/dry. If you are sharing some juicy content don’t let your eyes stop you. Be proactive and use eye drops. I use it before every episode of Hot Topics so the cameras won’t pick up the long day I’ve had on television.

Have you tried one of the products mentioned in 5 Beauty Products Every Video Content Creator Needs

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Thank you for reading this blog post!

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