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10 Most Common Wardrobe Mistakes

Women love to shop! It is true. Have you ever found yourself just randomly scrolling on a website then one week later (or if you were on Amazon 2 days later) a box arrives at the door. You open the box, tear the package open and your eyes smize at your new garment. (Best feeling- I know.) Some times that item becomes a favorite you wear over and over. However, 80% of the time that item only gets worn a handful of times before it’s replaced by something else you temporarily love.

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Unfortunately, for some this cycle goes on year after year usually ending in mornings with nothing to wear. In 2018 I don’t want you going through the endless unhappy wardrobe cycle. This is why I wanted to share the 10 most common wardrobe mistakes shoppers make year after year! 

1. You don’t reflect.
Before shopping take a look at your current closet. Find those items you love and determine WHY. Are they a certain color, silhouette, fabric? Did you feel amazing in it? Often we purchase new items without reflecting on what we have or what it can be worn with in your closet. If you can’t wear it with at least 3-5 garments –it’s a NO!

2. You don’t plan.
Seasons change the same time every year however, you wait until mid or the end of the season to try to stock up on necessities. Shop one month before the season starts to get first picks of selections. Shopping tip* stores update/stock inventory one-two months before the season changes. Also, create a budget and plan accordingly.

3. You purge but repurchase similar items.
If you purge the item DON’T look back or have purge remorse. Treat it like a bad ex and move on.

4. You don’t use a tailor.
A tailor is not just someone you see on your wedding day. Find a great one and hold on to him/her. Love an item but can’t fit it anymore? If it is worth it, take it to tailor. Fall back in love with the garment once it fits.

5. You buy for the number not for comfort.
A certain size doesn’t mean you are not or less beautiful. Instead of tearing yourself apart because of a number focus on the fit and how amazing you look in the garment. If it doesn’t fit instantly compliment yourself DON’T bash your body. ~Self script: Omg it doesn’t fit…I love my legs, booty, and hips so let’s find something that makes them stand out! Smile and go find that item.

6. You haven’t determined your style/ personal brand image.
This can be hard especially if you don’t know where to start. Sorry to tell you that having dozens of pinterst boards or taking style box quizzes are not going to help- it is a great start. Get someone who is not biased to help or who doesn’t want to create a mini them. Remember if you never ask you will never know.

7. You don’t measure yourself.
Stepping on the scale and measuring yourself can be the most dreadful experiences like ever! Instead look at measuring your body as a tool and piece of knowledge to help you grow into the best YOU! I recommend measuring twice a year (Jan-June & July-Dec).

8. You still think quantity matters not quality.
Can you barely see all your clothes in the closet? Do you feel like nothing represents you well? If so buying more is not the answer. Instead review 1-7 and get quality pieces girl! No need for 7 pairs of black jeans….like really…when do you wear the 7th pair? Keep your fav 2-3 and purge the others.

9. You still think you have to lose 10-100lbs to have a great wardrobe.
This is the #1 reason I hear as a personal stylist. I have some great news- YOU LOOK AMAZING already! A great wardrobe/style is available for ANY size. You don’t have to wait. Learn now and it will help you no matter your size or shape.

10. You don’t think you make wardrobe mistakes or need help!
Criticize or correct? One is easy to do but the other takes looking in the mirror. Which one will you do in 2018? Will you break the mistake cycle?

Do you make a wardrobe mistake I didn’t list? If so tag us and  tell us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post stay lux & confident!

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