Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Years Radiant & Hangover Beauty Hacks

5…4…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Rewind 5 hours prior…

We all want to bring in the New Year looking fabulous with sequins, dresses, red lips- oh did I mention glitter!  Also, popping bubbly with those we love and snapping tons of pictures to look back on once we’ve subsided. But have you considered how you will keep your makeup looking great and fresh after a couple of cocktails or bottles of champagne?

Below I have included some of the top hacks to help you look radiant and you’re very best all night. Who wants to look back at pictures of runny mascara, patchy/ bleeding lipstick, and half of your foundation rubbed off from all the greeting hugs?

Kick off the night prepared and ready for any beauty emergency #LuxBabe!

#1: Picture Perfect Skin
Before applying your favorite foundation spray 3-4 pumps of setting spray onto the face. This will set the skin before foundation. When applying foundation spray one pump of setting spray on the tool you desire to use for application. This is locking the foundation into the skin so it holds longer throughout the night!

#2: Lock that Pucker in Place
 From drinking to kissing your bae lipstick can bleed or look patchy through the light. Lock your lipstick in place by doing the following routine: exfoliate, moisture, line with brow wax pencil, apply lip color, and dust translucent powder over lips (very lightly). This will ensure your lips look great all night long. So pucker up!!! Xoxo

#3: DIY Festive Hair Accessories
Don’t know what to do with that necklace or pair of earring you got for Christmas but don’t totally love? Wear them as hair accessories. Yep you read that right. Use hair pins to secure in desired place. I love to wrap my high/low ponytails with a necklace by inserting the hair pin in the closure. This gives your hair style a festive look without buying anything new. Use clip on earrings to secure side swept looks for a touch of glam too.

#4: Clean & Cold
No matter how late you get in the house on New Year’s morning CLEAN your face!!! Don’t bring the new year in with a new zit. After cleaning your face splash yourself 2-3 times with cold water- this helps with circulation, aids in de-puffing, and gives a nice glow.

Fast forward 5 hours….you look and are having an amazing night. Definitely one to remember!

Be safe and make sure to have a designated driver. Have a LUX NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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