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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Capes + Bright Colors

Capes + Bright Colors

Welcome to the blog if this is your first visit! Welcome back if you are a frequent reader. I have missed posting outfits for you all sooooo much. I have some beautiful pieces from Tobi to show you below. I also want to share with you some chic ways to transition into the new season.

As a style coach my clients biggest concern lately is how to transition their wardrobe. So let's talk about the weather and how to maintain your style as you transition into the new season.

Spring is trying its best to arrive next week however, winter just won't go away like that annoying zit before head shots day. Since it is not sunny skies and warm temperatures consistently it can be frustrating on what to wear everyday. Raise your hand if majority of your closet is filled with every season! I have open toe shoes, wool coats, knit sweaters, and a sun hat on display just in case it's 20-75 degrees in the same week.

If you have been feeling frustrated and feeling unsure on what to wear until the weather makes it's mind up no worries here are some ways to transition effortlessly:
  1. Slowly start incorporating bright colors into your look. Try adding a bright colored scarf, handbag, or coat. Instead of grabbing the black cape coat above I added a pink wool coat as my pop of color.  
  2. LAYER! This is one of my favorites and it makes your outfit just look like it was effortlessly created. Throw on some jeans, crew neck long sleeve blouse, sweater, jacket, and ankle boots. Also, add on a hat or scarf. Get creative with your layers. DON'T layer 3 sweaters..lol 
  3. Show a little leg. Yes, it's time to start shaving your legs! Wear a midi skirt or dress with heels or flats to show a little skin and lose the tights. Of course if it extremely cold in your city try the cut out shoulder sweater tops.
What do you like to wear when transitioning seasons? Have a tip? Share it below with the other ladies. :) 

Outfit 1:
Tobi Cape Coat  // Fedora Hat// Dress (old)//
Heels (similar) 

Outfit 2: 
Tobi Pink Wool Coat// Sunnies (old)// 
Pants (Target) 

Thank you for reading and enjoying this post. Until next time...Be Unique, Be You

Disclaimer: This post includes sponsored merchandise. All content including photos are 100% honest and belong to Christina Renteria of PinkLux. No photos or content can be removed without legal permission from owner of website. Enjoy. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Find & Keep Your Style In Corporate America

How to Find & Keep Your Style In Corporate America

Growing up you where always told professional means a suit and heels. If you don't invest in a nice quality suit or a classy pair of heels you will not be seen as a professional. I am here to take that embedded information out of your mind. Why? Because you are wasting your money!

If you are ages 24-35 put the black, navy or grey suite back on the rack. I know you're thinking, "that is what is expected of me to wear in corporate America."

Don't get me wrong having a suit and heels are essential however, buying in multiples is not what I suggest. The reason I don't recommend buying a ton of quality pieces at a young age in corporate America is because you are still evolving. 

Let's be honest do you still work at our first job? When you are coming out of college or still finding yourself spending a ton of money on clothes feels great. However, you end up feeling like you have nothing to wear in the future. 

Besides our career paths changing our bodies, loves, hates, personalities, and goals change.

When I got in my position I knew it wouldn't be the last job of my life. I have always dreamed of helping others - not from behind a desk. 

Just because you work in corporate America it does not mean you have to lose your personal style or transform to a boring dress code. Of course you don't want to wear half naked clothes but you also don't have to dress like a nun or man to get respect. (No disrespect toward nuns or men) 

How do I know this? I worked in corporate America for over 3 years and almost lost myself. When I first started my job I thought I needed plain suits and basic color tops. I wore a black suit and felt so uncomfortable. One day walking into the office I looked at the glass door and saw someone I didn't recognize. I went from bright colors, prints, heels, makeup, and hair done to an all black outfit, no makeup, and my hair in a half brushed ponytail. I felt and looked like I was going to a funeral not to work. This is when I realized I can't let a job stop me from embracing my personal style.

If you’re working in corporate America or an entrepreneur you need to stay true to your personal style. This helps others identify with you and will help you be confident in your role.

Just think about it... Have you ever wore something uncomfortable or not really your style? Did you perform your best or was the discomfort always on your mind? 

When you choose to be authentic you choose to be confident. Don't waste who you are trying to identify with the "American standard" of style! 

#1: Test out different colors and silhouettes. - Learn your power color and which silhouettes look best on your body. 

#2: Don't let others influence your style. - If others don't care about their image don't stop caring about yours. Having a polished, professional, and poised image will pay off. 

#3: Learn your company’s culture- Many of us take jobs and don't understand the company’s culture. Research the company to prevent getting mistreated or feeling uncomfortable in your style. 

Do you have an office job or work in corporate America? Do you feel like your image doesn't portray your professionalism or personal style? Let me know your opinion below or in the FaceBook community PinkLux Babes. 

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