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Learn how to create an everlasting image imprint. Christina will take your participants on an informative, interactive, and fun journey as they learn how to build a successful image (or wardrobe). Depending on the group size she can deliver in many formats rather it’s in a 60-minute webinar or 4 hour workshop. She can also customize the presentation for your company or brand.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Your Image Matters More Than Ever!

Your Image Matters More Than Ever!

Growing up I was always told to let my image speak for its self. If I wanted to be taken serious in the legal field, corporate world, or in life I had to look like I meant business. Most importantly, I had to stay authentic and true to myself.

But I had to stop and ask myself, how do I look like I mean business?

Do I wear a blazer like everyone else? Because a blazer says business....right? Do I tone down my personality and look serious all the time? Can't smile if you mean business...right? No, these can't be right!

"Your image is like a book. Make sure the cover reflects the quality of the story inside."

What does this mean? I had to work on my overall image including my appearance, verbal/non verbal communication, behavior and how I carried myself online. 

Yes, even your online image matters especially in the social media generation we live in today! Have you ever liked a person, followed them on social media, and thought...this is not the person I met? Now their image in your mind is ruined...

Don't let that happen to you...their is a difference in being real and being ruthless.

So why does your image matter more than ever?

Let's break it down...

  1. Due to growth in all industries, you must stand out to get that job, follower or client. 
  2. To be a leader you have to look like one... NOW! No more waiting or making excuses.
  3. Because someone is always looking and we want to make and everlasting impression. 
  4. Because you are not average but elite and deserve to give that perspective. 
  5. Because you want to be the best version of YOU! 

So...How many times did you say "I have nothing to wear" last year? Did you say it today?

So....How much longer are you going to wait to get help to improve your professional and personal image? 

So....How many thousands of dollars will you waste this year on clothes that don't fit your style?

So...When will you start working on your communication skills, digital presence and etc?

In 2017 refuse to go on in life stuck in a style/image rut. You matter, your style matters, and your image matters!

Join me for the 3 part workshop series "Power of Image" starting January 25th- January 27th. Sign up today HERE.

Until next time...Stay Lux...Be Unique...Be YOU!

xoxo Christina

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Your First Step to Building Your Wardrobe in 2017

Your First Step to Building Your Wardrobe in 2017

Hey babe! So about 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on the local television show Talk of Alabama that comes on ABC 33/40. I had such a great time chatting with Javante (host) about a couple of things you need to do to prep and build your wardrobe in 2017. 

I definitely recommend watching this video before hitting the after holiday sales and building your "new me" wardrobe for 2017. 

Guys are also included in this episode! So share with them because they deserve to look GQ at every age! 

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin 
Just click HERE to view the full video. Make sure to have your pen and paper to take notes.

Also, remember to show your personality in each outfit recommendation. That is makes you unique and that is what others love about you!

We get to choose our style and our image. What do you want yours to say? I hope you have a beautiful stylish day!

xoxo Christina

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, Be ME!

New Year, Be ME!

Happy New Year!!! Are you ready for growth and to reach beyond the limits?

Every year I make resolutions that of course I never keep pass March... so instead of making resolutions I am making goals. Very specific goals! I am going to continue to work on the goals I created in 2016 because that is part of the growing process. 

If you stop everything just because it is a new year how can you see the results? 

It is a new year, I am going to grow (not taller..those dreams stopped at age 15 but anyway) and I am going to be ME! No pretending to be perfect and have everything figured out. Some things won't change like me doing the dishes-thank God for dishwashers-, being a workaholic, still liking Hello Kitty, and figuring out how to grow the business everyday. 

I will grow in many ways this year and those are the days I looking forward too this year.

This year I proclaim it to be the year of "growth"!

Rather it's your image, wardrobe, relationship, business idea, mentally, or patience it all needs to grow to prosper. 

I believe all beautiful things have to grow to be successful and that even applies to the person as a whole.

My growth goals of the year include:

1. I will help 200 paid clients build an authentic image for professional or personal life so they can stop wasting money, feel confident everyday, and shine in their lane. 
2. I will hire a team to grow the business and brand.
3. I will book 37 makeup clients a month. 
4. I will read 3 new books a month pertaining to personal growth, business, and non-fiction.
5. I will go home to see my family in Indiana. 
6. I will speak at a women's conference. 
7. I will lose 50 lbs. and keep it off. 
8. I will launch the second round of "Power of Image" and have a 5 figure launch.
9. I will have a bigger and better Inbetweenie/Plus Size fashion show. 
10. I will be featured for the business and/or brand in B-Metro and mainstream magazine. 
11. I will be consistent on the blog and increase monthly readers to 35,000.
12. I will grow the current and new relationships built. 
13. I will have peace and joy no matter the trials or tribulations in 2017! 

*If you noticed I put "I will" in front of each of my goals. This helps the mind see it already happening. Next you will hear me saying "I did"!* 

To help you prepare and grow in 2017 I recommend doing this quick exercise I learned from Chalene Johnson

1. What was the smartest thing you did last year?
2. List 2 things that you NEVER want to have happen again (if possible).
3. Identify 3 very high stress moments. What could have made those times a little easier?
4. What 4 things went really, really well? Why?
5. List 5 things you did last year that you could do better.
6. Out of everything you did last year to help other people, what 1 thing made you feel the best?

I will be perfecting everything I learned last year and applying it to my growth process. Will you join me? 

Join the free Facebook group to get accountability, beauty tips, fashion tips and be apart of women who get it! 


Until next time...Stay Lux, Be Unique, Be You! 

xoxo Christina 

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