Thursday, October 13, 2016

Importance of Image When Networking

Heyyy babes! Today we are chatting it up about the importance of your image when networking. I know you are probably thinking I throw on a black suit or dress and go. WRONG! Consider this scenario:

You walk into a networking event full of individuals you don’t know. You are wearing a black suit or dress which makes you blend in with the rest of the crowd.

No one seems interested in who you are or what you have to offer. You get a couple of conversations once you jump in but it took extra work and may seem awkward at first.

Now back to the discussion…

I’ve been there and done that. When networking I thought if I looked like everyone else in black, brown or grey I was doing something right. What I learned is that I looked boring instead of interesting to my potential clients or new friends. I was pushing my personal style out the window and trying to blend in with the crowd. This was a big mistake…

It is somehow embedded in our minds that we have to follow the “work wear” look in only wear certain colors. Today I am here to push those thoughts out of your head and embed some new ones.

When networking your image is very important because it is the first thing someone see’s before you open your mouth. That’s right before that wonderful pre planned elevator pitch is spoken your image has already started the other persons thinking process.

I would like to introduce you to the “7 Second Perspective”! In just 7 seconds an individual has already determined if they want to speak with you, if they want to hire you, take you serious, and even consider your status.

In just seven seconds what do you want your image to say about you? Strong, confident, poised, business, interesting, welcoming?

3 tips for getting dressed for networking events:

#1. Wear a pop of color! Wearing a black suit is fine if you pair it with a pop of color such as teal blue, blush pink, cranberry red etc. Remember to add your personal style in your look to appear confident.

#2. Wear a pop of print! Purchase a great pair of pumps or flats that are printed such as leopard, plaid, dark floral etc. Wearing a great pair of shoes is a great conversation starter and can spark a common interest. Wearing a pop of print says you are interesting and NOT boring.

#3. Survey your image! Before you walk out the door take a 7 second look and survey yourself. If you don’t take yourself serious, do you think others will? Remember it only takes 7 seconds, make them count! 

Do you want your look surveyed before you walk out the door? Join the private Facebook group today and chat with like minded women. :) 

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Until next time Lux Babe..Be Unique...Be You! 


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