Thursday, September 1, 2016

PinkLux: September Inbetweenie Spotlight

The inbetweenie spotlight was created to showcase inbetweenies who love beauty, fashion or nominated showing strong confidence. If you would like to be or nominate an inbetweenie please email

The September Inbetweenie Spotlight goes to fashion blogger Francis of YOU ME N FASHION I have been following Francis for some time now and she is just so cute! She was recently in a large jean campaign that you can see more about HERE.

Here's a little about Francis:

Tell us a little about your blog? How do you use it to influence others? 

My blog happened organically after posting #ootd's on IG. I had people asking the same questions over and over again so it felt natural to have a place where they could find the answers and more. I like to think of it as a resource for others and a little journal of style for myself. I can only wish I influence my readers to be themselves proudly to experiment with fashion, and to dream big!

Can you give us three to five tips on how to dress your body no matter the shape or size? 

In fashion there's a lot of do's & don't's. But like in anything rules are meant to broken! My number 1 tip is to dress to size. Take the time to try things on and know your size, never wear anything too big or small. Knowing your body type always helps but I highly recommend going outside of the norm and comfort zone once in a while. Its not only liberating but can really pay off!

Where do you get your style inspiration and confidence to rock your personal style? 
What advice would you give to young ladies and women struggling in this area? 

Celebrity wise, JLO! She's a fashion chameleon and can never go wrong! Major inspiration. I'm not sure when I woke up and decided that being free and 100% myself was the most beautiful thing I've ever done but I do remember never going back. My advice for girls and women is to look within. Nobody will love, appreciate, understand, and encourage you more than YOU.

What are the essentials you believe every inbetweenie curvy/woman should have in her wardrobe? 

I love being an inbetweenie! You really get the best of both worlds. I think a great pair of jeans that hug all of the right places, a white button up or blouse for endless versatility, and a variety of accessories that can easily take you from day to night and from casual to glam.

What have you enjoyed most about being a fashion blogger and body positive influencer?  

My all time favorite thing about being a fashion blogger and body positive influencer is being a part of a community. I really enjoy getting to meet other bloggers/influencers/trail blazers. I never had a support system like these girls growing up and hope the younger generation feels we're relatable and feel accepted like most of us never did.

See more of Francis on IG @youmenfashion 


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