Thursday, August 11, 2016

7 Steps To Building The Perfect Wardrobe (+Freebie)

Hey hey!! I must admit helping women build their personal style and wardrobe is the best feeling in the world. What I am teaching will help them build confidence, save money in the future, and live a better life overall. However, without help building personal style and a wardrobe can be very frustrating. I see women buying more and more clothes, spending more and more money only to end up feeling the same way about themselves.

"When you look good, you feel good!"

Let me tell you...when I started to take my wardrobe serious I figured out I had wasted so much money trying to buy things to fill my closet and not to show my unique style. After auditing my wardrobe I ended up with 7 trash bags full of clothes...SEVEN!

Some where items in my closet and some where in totes that had been sealed for the last 2 years. It was time to say goodbye and hello to new items!

Since I know how building a wardrobe can be time consuming and a headache especially if you starting from scratch, I have broken down the 7 steps to building the perfect wardrobe. You are now on your way to saving coins and feeling confident in your style chica!

Step 1-Determine Your Personal Style

Before you waste your money on clothes you MUST get to know your personal style. This is the key to building a wardrobe full of garments you'll absolutely love and will wear year after year. Creating a personal color palette can help you determine and define your personal style. Once you can determine your personal style everything else will fall into place.

Step 2-Create a Shopping List

Once you have determined your personal style now it is time to create a shopping list of items you want to add to your wardrobe. This also includes doing your research so they are in your price range. Nothing is worse than wanting an item and unable to find it in your price range. If the item is expensive categorize it as an essential or a lux item.

Sign up today to get this awesome template to create your shopping list.

Step 3-Detox Your Closet

Similar to dieting detoxing you must also do this to your closet. Detoxing your closet creates space for the new items and helps you understand what work and what didn't work in your personal style. Since the new year is beginning in a couple of days try this personal style tip: Go into your closet and turn all of your hangers around. When you get to the end of 2016 pull out all the clothes that never got worn and donate or throw away. This counts for that dress you keep saying you will wear but never end up wearing it.

"Just because you own a lot of clothes does not mean you have style." 

Step 4- Quality Over Quantity

You know I am always preaching how important it is to have the essentials in your wardrobe. To build your perfect wardrobe add items that are made out of great quality rather than buying large quantities of clothes. Just because you own a lot of clothes does not mean you have style. When building your wardrobe add fabrics that are able to sustain multiple washes. Some garments may need to be dry cleaned depending on the quality of the material.

There is a scene in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic when she goes crazy over a sample sale. She buys tons of clothes at very high prices only to notice AFTER purchasing the advertised cashmere sweater is made out of rayon, cotton and 10% cashmere.

Step 5- Be Authentic

When building your personal style being true to your authentic look will show how you are unique. Don't try to reinvent style that just makes the personal style building process harder. Instead add your own personal touch to outfits that inspire you. Throw typologies out of your mind when creating your authentic look.

Here are some no no's when trying to be authentic:

  • Don't purchase an entire outfit styled on a mannequin.
  • Don't listen to your friends when shopping. If you love something GET IT! 
  • Don't follow every trend. 

Step 6- Shop Smart

After you have completed the steps above it is time to start picking items to build your perfect wardrobe. When shopping make sure you go by the shopping list you created above. When you shop smart you save money and time. Being prepared keeps you calm and prevents rushed purchases.

Here are some shopping smart tips:

  • Ask if there is a promotion or store coupon. Some stores will have coupons in a drawer beside the register. 
  • Get familiar with a store employee at your most frequently shopped stores. 
  • Sign up to get early release access and promotions. Awesome coupons are sent on birthdays. 
  • Don't eat prior, go when rushing, go with very opinionated people, or when you just got paid. We tend to spend a little more when our pockets are fresh.

Step 7- Practice Practice Practice

If you want to perfect your style and wardrobe you have to practice. Remember practice makes perfect!

Need additional help perfecting your style and building your wardrobe? It's your lucky day because I have 5 coaching consultations available! 2 hours dedicated to helping you discover your personal style and a wardrobe for every occasion in life from grocery shopping to holiday events. 

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