Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Makeup Products & Tips for Rosacea

This post is for all my babes dealing with rosacea!

In the summer time rosacea gets irritated with the natural oils and bacteria forming on the skin. Redness on the cheeks and forehead can be so frustrating and wearing the wrong products can make it worse. Makeup can instantly make your skin look better and instantly boost your mood! When choosing a makeup product to cover your rosacea it is important to follow the tips below >>

Clean Slate: Before you apply anything to the skin make sure your hands, beauty sponges, or brushes are clean. Bacteria that is collected through each use can cause irritation to the skin which will produce more redness to the skin. Using anti-bacteria tools or gentle motions with your fingers will be best way to apply products to the areas with rosacea.

#1 Base: Find a green primer, color corrector, or cream to visually cover your redness. Using a green base with UVA/UVB protection such as Nyx Cosmetics or Clinique "Redness Solutions" will prevent the skin from irritation and from using foundations that are heavy on the skin. Apply the green base to the irritated areas and set with a very small amount of sheer powder before applying foundation.

Keep It Light: Wearing to many products on the skin can cause your rosacea to flare up and prevent you from wearing makeup. Using a base with sunscreen in combination with a light consistency but full coverage foundation will give you the look you desire.

Mineralize Your Skin: If your rosacea gets easily irritated I recommend using a mineral powder like bareMinerals due the minimal chemicals used to great the product. Mineral powder will give you a very natural appearance and should be applied in patting motions for best coverage.

Try the three foundations below and primers for light full coverage:


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