Thursday, June 9, 2016

8 Summer Office Beauty Bag Essentials

The summer time is approaching very quickly and how many times have you been at work, broke a nail, had an unexpected meeting, or worse that time of the month came but you had no extra undies!

Ahhh the agony of that happening and not having what you need! We have all been there, if you haven't your in dying need of this post.

I don't know how many times I had a broken nail and couldn't fix it. Have you ever used a weird object just to file your nail so it would stop being annoying? No! I guess it is just me.

I put together this survival kit last year around October when mother nature came, my car was in the shop, and I could't get to the store in a hurry.

I had to call my honey bunches, he had to leave work, and bring me some undies (isn't he the best).

After that I said NOT AGAIN!

The rest of the items were added as I noticed they were needed over and over again.

No more being unprepared at work ladies make sure you have these office beauty bag essentials with you at all times.

*Please feel free to customize your beauty bag essentials.*

1. Nude Lipstick- If you work in an office setting you know a meeting can pop up at any moment. Never have bare lips again! Keep a nude lipstick in your beauty bag to be able to throw on at any moment, and it matches all your outfits! Win Win..

2. Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes- If you have an hour lunch break getting a mini workout in is perfect! It helps release stress accumulated throughout the day and raises your endorphin's (makes you happy and stress free). Keeping a mini package of makeup remover wipes will help clean your face so there are no unexpected zits popping up! Also, if you sweat easily in the bra area use a wipe to freshen up. *Keep them turned over to contain moisture on the top wipes*

3. Ponytail holder- Having an unexpected bad hair day? Keep a few ponytail holders in your bag to do a quick hair change. I love the hair ties that don't leave an indentation in the hair and do not slide out of place.

4. Nail Clipper- I love using nail clippers for more than just clipping my nails at work. Try using them for clipping away stubborn cuticles, stray threading on clothes or sever split ends until you can get to your hairstylist.

5. Nail File- I think this one we all know how to use. :)

6. Makeup Mist & Set- I can't go out the house without my ELF Mist & Set spray. I have one in my purse, gym bag, and office beauty bag. In the summer time you must have a mist to freshen your face. I love this one because it doesn't ruin your makeup or mascara. Oh did I mention it is only $3 bucks!

7. Lotion- Got to have it, no one likes to be ashy!

8. Underwear- If you work 8-10 hours a day always be prepared for mother nature. Keep an extra pair of underwear at work at all times with your desired pads or tampons. Who says "that time of the month" underwear has to be boring? Brighten your day with a cute print on your undies.

What are your must haves in your beauty bag? Let us know in the private FaceBook Group.

Until next time Be Unique, Be You and stay Lux...


  1. I love this checklist! You've motivated me to create my own just to keep at work! I may do one for the glove compartment of my car as well!

  2. Awesome post, Christina! I keep an emergency kit in my car. I have the makeup remover wipes you pictured, plus a nail file, lotion, and underwear. My kit also includes baby wipes, lip gloss, travel size teeth care items and deodorant when the weather permits. I'm going to check out the face mist soon. Great ideas and thanks for sharing!



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