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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

7 Tips for Helping Your Skin Stay Moisturized

7 Tips for Helping Your Skin Stay Moisturized

Photo Credit: Trey

There is no denying that having dry, flaky skin is unattractive. It also ages you and as women we don't want to look older, we want to preserve our youthful skin. How do we do this? Moisturizing! Ok, there may be other attributions as well such as drinking water, dieting, not stressing and etc. But moisturizing if VERY important as well.

Just imagine your skin as a raisin... How do raisins get their wrinkle shape? Dryness. Now think of how your skin will look if it's not moisturized.

I don't know about you but I just got scared chills thinking about it...

With the Spring season here and all the weird weather it brings now is the best time to get your skin into shape.

Let's get into the 7 Tips for Helping Your Skin Stay Moisturized not just look moisturized.

1. Moisturize in or after the shower - Instead of opting for a smell good gel insure your body wash or soap consist of moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizing with in-shower lotions or applying lotions/creams as soon as you get out the shower will help the products absorb into your skin. This happens because your pores are open from the steam and direct contact of water. This will help the product really get to the layers of skin that are the driest.

2. Pat DON'T Rub when moisturizing - One of the major points we go over in PinkLux makeup lessons is how to apply moisturizer to really get the full effects of the product. The #1 Rule: Pat DON'T Rub. Using this application method you are pressing the product into the skin rather than moving it around on the surface.

3. Drink lots of water- To keep your skin hydrated and being moisturized from the inside out drink lots of water! If you have an issue with drinking water, try drinking it through a straw or adding in fruit for natural flavor. This month I have been trying (keyword trying) to drink a gallon of water a day. Trust me you will notice the difference in the elasticity of your skin.

*Hydration test: Softly pinch your skin on your hand. If it pops back quickly you are hydrated but if it slowly goes back to form...get a bottle of water right now.

4. Use a humidifier- This has been a life saver in my home especially in the Spring. The dry air from the winter really dried out my skin. To put natural moisture back into your hair and skin try using a humidifier. If you are a frequent traveler and can't get your hands on a portable version try this hack.

*Fill your ice bucket with warm water. Wet the medium size towel completely with warm water then wring the water. Place the towel over the vent with part of it sitting in the bucket. Turn on the air low and enjoy moist air.*

5. Moisturize before bed- If you shower before bed definitely complete tip #1. However, if you don't shower before bed add moisturizer to the driest areas such as the hand, elbows, feet, knees, and face. These are the areas that are touched and moved the most. Your hands are washed 5-10 times a day removing the natural oils of the skin. When you are sleeping the product can really sink into the skin and do its job.

6. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate- This should be number one because putting moisture on dry flaky skin is a waste of time. Remove the dead skin with a soft exfoliating scrub before applying your moisturizer. Your skin will totally tell the difference.

7. Use a shower water filter - Have you ever gotten out the shower and noticed your skin was dry? This is more than likely caused by the harsh chemicals in your water. Using a shower water filter is the best way to protect your skin from harsh chemicals. If you wouldn't drink the water..why put it on your hair and skin? Using a shower water filter will forever change the skin you're in! Thank me later..

Which tip have you used or plan on trying? Let me know below or tweet me @pinkluxpl. We only get one body, moisturize it and preserve your youthfulness! 


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Candy Color Stripes For Spring + Doggie Walking

Candy Color Stripes For Spring + Doggie Walking

All Photo credit: Trey
Happy Spring!! This is my second most favorite time of the year (Fall is #1). Can't you tell how excited I am from the picture above. :)

I know many of you are sneezing and dealing with itchy eyes and/or throat. I'm over here loving all the smells of blooming flowers and spending my days outside.  

Candy color stripes is one of the hottest trends this season, the colors rose quartz and limpet shell (many more colors too). So when I saw all of them together in a style my inbetweenie body could rock with ease I had to grab it. It screams spring and did I mention how comfortable it is? I dressed it up for date night but it can definitely be worn casual with sneakers and a jacket. 

I would like to introduce you to Lucky my son, partner in sneaking snacks, and my cuddle muffin. While taking photos mommy duty called and he couldn't stop sniffing the new grounds. I think he had fun being in a new area. One side of me you don't get to see on the blog is how much I love this little guy. Without him I wouldn't know the UPS or FedEx peps where about to knock. (Seriously, he goes crazy, it is hilarious) If you are a pet lover or Yorkie mom tweet or tag me @pinkluxpl so I can see your baby. Happy Easter and Spring! 

::Outfit Details::
Dress | Shoes (oldie) | Sunglasses (similar) | 
Wristlet(oldie) | Stud earrings (similar) | Bracelet | OPI Nail Polish: Cajun Shrimp

By Trey


Sunday, March 20, 2016

3 Days To A Better Stylish You

3 Days To A Better Stylish You


Spring is here and what a better way to celebrate my favorite season than with an awesome FREEBIE for you! Today registration opens for 3 Days To a Better Stylish You email course!! Yayyyyy! I am super excited! 

Over the last few weeks I have been working to give you ladies more valuable content to really help your personal style and overall look. Spring is here and that means it is time to out do yourself and really start incorporating new items into your wardrobe. I know how awesome you are now its time to show yourself how awesome you are! I have put together an amazing FREE 3-Day Email Course to help you with your personal style. 

"Personal style is not defined by the clothes you wear, but who you are inside and out"

If you have a hard time determining your personal style it is ok I didn't know mines until a couple years ago. I would wear all trendy items and be stuck with clothes I didn't love when the season was over.  I would try to dress like someone else then I realized I wasn't being myself. Next year would come around and I would be stuck in the same situation. Sound familiar?

Don't wait any longer to determine and define your personal style. Sign up for the Free 3-Day Email Course today!! The course will start coming straight to your email Friday, April 1st, 2016

Click HERE

Don't forget to share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook so they can be Lux too! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top Brands for an Inbetweenie to Shop Online

Top Brands for an Inbetweenie to Shop Online

As an inbetweener I know how difficult it can be to shop for clothes, especially online. If you are not familiar with the term "inbetweener" or "inbetweenie, it is an individual within the sizes 10-16. The word speaks for it self you are not a straight size (0-9) but you are not really a plus size (18-up) either. Now do you see why it can be so frustrating when shopping. Clothes are usually to small or to big when it comes to finding the right size. The legs are too tight but the waist is loose or vise versa. Our body is beautiful and we shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable in too small clothing or appear larger in over sized clothing. Who has money or time to get all of their clothes altered. 

If you are an inbeweener you are on the right place because I am going to share with you the best places to shop online! If you are a petite inbetweener these sites will be perfect for you too. I am 5'3 and a size 10-12 if I have no issues I know you won't. I have shopped at all of the stores below and I never had any issues. The clothes were made for my inbetweenie body. I will also share some tips when shopping on the websites so you can get your perfect fit! 


If you have been following me since the beginning or you know me personally then you know Boohoo is one of my favorite stores. They have up to date trending styles and all the essentials you need in your wardrobe. The clothes are also a great quality and fit the inbetweener body pefectly. Boohoo is originally a UK based store but is now in the US. Yayy. This is an online only store but they ship just about anywhere in the world. When shopping on the site I recommend selecting true to size. Also, remember if it states UK size take your regular size (example 10) and add four so you would order a size 14 NOT a 10.

Dorthy Perkins is also a UK based site but now has an office in the US. I love their dresses the best part is they have petite, regular and tall lengths for all inbetweeners. No more worries tall girls they have what you need. Their site has something for everyone's style: classic, relaxed, modern, retro, and more.

New York and Company
New York and Company was the only and first store I shopped at when I obtained my first office job. Why? Because they were the only site that sold petite length dress pants that fitted all my curves. In other stores the legs were always to tight or the pants leg where to long. (story of my life) So if you are a inbetweener and need business attire I highly recommend this store. This store is also available in malls but they never have all the cute stuff like online. Also, instore rarely has my size and length so I don't want to waste time I just shop online. This store runs true to size. 

I like to shop at Simplybe for shorts because unlike other stores they are long enough not to ride up. You know what I am talking about...you buy short only for them to come up in the middle and your thighs rub. Every so many steps you have to pull them down or you walk funny trying to make your thighs stop rubbing. It's just an uncomfortable look because your cautious about your shorts the whole time. Say NO to ridding up shorts this spring and summer. Use #norideup on Twitter if you get what I'm dishing out! This store is true to size.

This store is one of the online leading retailers and I totally understand why, they have something that will fit every size, budget and shape. Looking for trending items, essentials, or just random styles this is your site. They even sale cosmetics now! If you are an inbetweener this website is golden. (write this down in your phone notes so you won't forget or save to favorites in your web browser.) This site runs true to size.

Giti online
Giti Online is a new store I found recently and OMG (oh my gosh) I am in LOVE!! They have pretty skirts, two piece sets and much much much more! The clothes are very affordable and perfect for a night out or everyday. I am obsessed with the jumpsuits because they accentuate the waist perfectly for the inbetweener body. This site runs true to size but look at sizing for one size fits all...sometimes it doesn't. :/

Swak is a new store I discovered when shopping for a client. This site has very stylish items for those sizes 14-36. Want cute everyday items? This site is for you. Want items that look amazing on your body? This site is for you. This site runs true to size. 

Thanks for supporting the PinkLux blog!!!

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Until next time stay Lux...Be Unique, Be You 
xoxo, Christina

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Confidence Building Story

My Confidence Building Story

Hey beautiful, yes YOU! Usually, on Tuesday I post about beauty related products or helping with beauty concerns. However, before you can use beauty products or feel beautiful you must have confidence. I talk alot about confidence because I honestly believe that is the key to not only feeling beautiful on the inside and outside but to life. Without confidence fear arises and stops us from being who we are meant to be in this world.

Let's back it up a little so you can understand how I built the confidence to go after all my dreams and to not take NO for an answer.

I have been contemplating sharing my story about how I gained confidence, when I decided I was worth living and why PinkLux was created.

I have only shared this story with a select few but I look at you as family so I am sharing it with you with hopes it helps that one person who feels like they cannot do something or they are not good enough. Plus the best way to help family or anyone is by personal experience and I have a lot when it come to building yourself with no help.

For many years no one knew I dealt with depression, lack to no confidence and many other feelings I am sure women can understand. I did not want to go to counseling because I knew God could bring me through this rut- he was my shrink. Lol How did I get to this point and how did I become the woman I am today?

Growing up I was a happy kid and teenager even though I moved countless times with my family. No I was not a military brat, I was a ministers kid. I learned how to adapt to my environment and communicate well with different groups of individuals. Those two traits have helped me become who I am today but they did not prepare me for what would change my life forever.

I grew up being taught to always be nice to others, have a loving heart, help others etc..

When I was a teenager we moved to a small city in the south that was not use to new people or should I say "Yankees" (using their words not mine). I didn't understand the racism because I had never been in this situation. I had attended 15 schools before this one and I had never been bullied or seen kids truly trying to hurt me physically, mentally and emotionally. Going to this school for a year really taught me how life can change but don't let it change you!

I was called countless names -wet back, mixed breed, the N word, B word, told I should just die because no one likes me and more! I was also lied to when I tried to participate in school activities. There was always some reason or rule why I couldn't join a school organization or team. It was ridiculous how they were treating a child.

After countless meetings with the principal, things did not get better they actually got worse. I literally went home one day and cried to my mother as I stated "I can't do this anymore, I'm sorry". I cried because I was taught to never give up, I wanted to graduate high school like everyone else, go to my senior prom and throw my cap in the air. I always imagined the day I would dress up and put on my cap and gown. Go to the field, hear my name get called.."Christina Renteria", walk up to get my diploma, take pictures and make my family proud...this never happened.

I went through depression and doubting my self worth due to the bullying. I fought with myself about how I would live in this evil world, why was I alive, what did God have planned for me, and why was I going through this..

In the end I finished my education being a home schooled student because the next high school was 35 minutes away from my home. This was not all bad because I got to study in my pj's and I ended up graduating early with my high school diploma. I then went on to college and graduated college early which helped me get into my law career at a young age. So all the evilness actually pointed me in a better direction for my life.

So did I have friends-NO. Did I attend sleep overs and do teenager things-NO. Did I learn a lot-YES.

This situation showed me at a young age life does not have to be perfect. Going through life lessons and struggles are what make you unique.

I tell you this story not because I want sympathy but because I could have easily let what happened scar me for life. Use it as an excuse to not go after my dreams, to not trust individuals, to not want to help or love people.

I took the pain and now I use my story to help others so they don't have to feel worthless or lack confidence. I use it when I talk to students and adults to let them know they can make it through the storm or their situation. There were times I wanted to fight or make them feel my pain. But I couldn't change myself, this would let them win.

All those questions I asked myself as a teenager are now answered. I know why I am alive, what I am meant to do and be on this earth.

I created PinkLux to help ladies be the best they can be on the inside and outside because I know how it feels to feel like you are all alone and no one understands what you are going through. I understand and I know you have a purpose in life.

I love to help ladies feel beautiful because it was a time I couldn't look in a mirror because all I saw was the thoughts of others. Don't let people, social media, the news, magazines define your worth or tell you what's beautiful. I love my size 12, 5'3 frame and big curly hair no matter what anyone says! *Two snaps in the air.*

Thank you so much for supporting me and readying my journey to confidence. I love you ladies.

Want help or advice? Join the private Facebook group HERE.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Overcoming Fear + Rocking My Cape

Overcoming Fear + Rocking My Cape


Hey babes! I hope you had an epic week. I wanted to talk to you ladies about overcoming your fear and how I rocked my favorite cape this week. First, I must admit I totally forgot I bought this cape last year and was about to buy one almost the same...I mean color, length...everything. It was tucked away in a bin with winter items. I am so happy I looked at my wardrobe audit before the purchase.

I really wanted to discuss overcoming fear because it has been one of the main reasons I feel I have accomplished personal and business goals.

When I first started blogging and in everyday life I walked in fear..I am not ashamed to say it because I am sure we all have talked ourselves out of something or just say "I can't do that" before even trying. I have done both of those scenarios multiple times. It was not until I said "You know what? I can do it and I will do it!"  Let me tell you a funny story. 

When I first started blogging I took pictures without showing my face because I was in fear everyone would not like how I looked or my pictures would be used on horrible websites. However, I couldn't let those small fears hold be back from what God has planned. -Continue to bottom for the rest of the story...

When shooting the images for this weeks outfit post, I was in fear that I would fall in the water. Do you see how close I am to the edge? I had a quick pep talk with myself and you know what? I didn't fall. 

The end result of not letting fear hold be back was these great shots. I am so happy I didn't change location because of my fear. 

I say this to you because often times we scare ourselves out of opportunities or taking chances. I believe we are all on earth for a purpose. Don't let fear hold you back from living the life you desire and the life God has planned. Be confident in yourself and do something this weekend you have been holding out on because of fear. Eat at a new restaurant, try on a new style of clothes, or wear that red lipstick you don't think will look great on you (but never tried). Don't let fear hold you back anymore! Pray and let God handle the rest. I hope to see you overcoming your fears this weekend. 

Post below one fear you are going to overcome this weekend. Just remember to be unique and be you! 

::Outfit Details::
Cape Coat- old | Leopard Trim Gloves -Target | Jeans NY&Co.-old |
Lace up Flats (similar) | Sunglasses (gifted) | Basic Target Long sleeve Shirt 

Thanks for supporting the PinkLux blog!!!

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Until next time stay Lux...Be Unique, Be You 
xoxo, Christina

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why You Need A Wardrobe Shopping List

Why You Need A Wardrobe Shopping List

Spring is around the corner (yay!!!) and that means it is time to create your wardrobe shopping list!

You create and use a list in everyday life to help things run a little smoother or if you are like me so you won't forget anything. 

Let's not even start on my memory...I just want to thank Evernote and Sticky Notes (the pink ones, of course). Anywho...

You have a list for everything: groceries, kids supplies, goals, house/apartment chores....so why don't you have a wardrobe shopping list? 

If you are trying to transform, build, or create a wardrobe that fits not only your style, size but most importantly your budget, a wardrobe shopping list is a necessity. 

If you are not a fan of shopping or when you get into the store you get frustrated, a wardrobe shopping list will help you! Trust me. I remember when I use to go shopping online or in-store and just pick what I thought was cute and fitted. This was a total waste of time and the money...ugh...but we live and learn. 

However, that item was only worn 3 or 4 times and it got boring. Why did it get boring? Usually, because it is something that was trendy or that didn't go with my personal style. What I have learned is everything is not for everybody, even when it comes to style. 

Just think, it  takes people approximately 7-20 seconds to make a decision about buying a new garment. The most important question is are you making the right decision? 

Shopping for clothes should not be that difficult or stressful. When you go shopping for yourself you should be happy and prepared to bring home new items (besties) to rock! 

The feeling I have when I am growing my wardrobe is exciting. Why? Because I know when I need to go somewhere it won't take me forever to create an outfit. I'm chic, comfortable and out the door in minutes. 

So why do you need one of these amazing list? To be honest you should have had one like yesterday! 

1. It helps you track how much money you will need to spend/save. 

2. It helps you figure out what the heck you are missing in your wardrobe. (Complete a full audit first)  

3. It helps you prepare for a shopping trip or online shopping adventure.  

Are you new to building a wardrobe shopping list and need help? Maybe you are clueless about what to put on your list. If you answered yes, you need to sign up for a one-on-one session today! Let me help you figure out what you need for Spring and more! 

Having AMAZING style is one thing you need to stop stressing about in 2016! Remember this is the year to be EPIC! 

Thanks for supporting the PinkLux blog!!!

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Until next time stay Lux...Be Unique, Be You 
xoxo, Christina

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