Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No More Bra-Blems in Your Life

Before you start reading this post I want you to think about the last time you had a proper bra fitting...........was it in the last 3 months?....last 6 months?.....last year? If not I recommend sizing yourself or advising with a bra expert as soon as possible. So many women are wearing the wrong size and don't even know it. Say NO to side boob, band riding, digging straps and cup gaping. This is the year to treat your boobs right!

Wearing the wrong bra or size can lead to hurting shoulders, bruised shoulders, back pains, and skin irritation. I remember I started to break out under my boobs and see redness a lot on my shoulders. I thought maybe I was allergic to the material or the washing detergent. After a visit to my local bra store I realized it was because the bra was to tight. My skin couldn't breathe and the straps were digging into my skin causing redness. I was wearing the wrong size.....like 2 sizes to small. Check out Thirdlove's bra collection to find the right bra for you!

Follow the information below to ensure your boobies are sitting up pretty and comfortable this year. Not sure about your breast shape? Check out this amazing dictionary.  
So how many categories do your boobs fall into? No worries to solve a problem you must first identify the problem.

This year you may have 99 problems but bra fitting will not be one! 

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