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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red & Reindeer

Red & Reindeer

Hey hey hey!! I am so excited to share this winter outfit with you today on the blog. Can you believe we only have 2 full weeks left in 2016? I know its so cliché to say, "OMG where has this year gone" so I will say "OMG this year went by so fast". Lol 

I am trying to not let the busy ending of the year stop my excitement about the Christmas holiday!! Since it does not snow in Alabama -to get into the holiday spirit- I have been sipping on hot cocoa, burning wood in the fire place, playing Christmas music and of course I had to go visit the reindeer in my city. Okay they are not real but they are soooo cute with their red bows. I didn't feed them but I totally took pictures with them. 

Are you ready to get into this red & reindeer outfit inspired outfit? Because I can't wait to share! 

I have been loving capes lately so as soon as the temperatures dropped I pulled out this oldie but goodie. I bought this cape about 2 years ago and it was worth every penny. It is important to invest in great pieces that hold value. This cape is definitely an item I will be wearing year after year. I chose to pair it with my favorite quilted knee high boots. 

If you have been here since the beginning you know my addiction with quilted things. Sooo let's carry on...

This cute and comfortable bodycon dress is from one of my favorite affordable stores Boohoo.com and as usual they didn't disappoint. (They are currently having a 50% off sale right now., so go save some coins.) Since I ate too much for the holidays I chose to camouflage that gut of mines with a cute cape. This outfit is super comfortable and chic. It can be worn out on a date or when doing some Christmas shopping. 

How do you camouflage your weight gain? Let us know below! 

::Outfit Details::
Cape Coat (similar)// Bodycon dress
// OTK boots (similar)

Oh have you heard? There is a new PinkLux Tv with Christina YouTube channel. Yep, you read that right we are on the screen now! Whoop whoop! Check out the latest video here <<  Do you want to see how to wear a bodycon dress 7 different ways or any other beauty, style, or fashion how to's? Let us know your video suggestions below too! 

*Make sure to subscribe to the new YouTube channel for how to's, interviews, answers to your beauty, fashion, style, and professional image building questions.*

Happy Holiday PinkLux Babe!!! 

Until next time...Stay Lux...Be Unique...Be YOU! 

Friday, December 9, 2016

3 Ways to Wear Leopard Booties

3 Ways to Wear Leopard Booties

Hey lovely! I was recently asked this question in the private Facebook group (PinkLux Babes) "I just bought a pair of leopard ankle booties. I usually wear taller boots. How do I style them?"

The great thing about the leopard print is that it literally goes with everything. It has become the new neutral in fashion. It has been seen worn with other prints such as stripes, floral, polka dots, and more.

If you have never worn the print, don't be afraid to wear it in small portions such as a scarf, pair of shoes, or even trim on your winter gloves. It will add the feminine touch your outfit needs.

When you accept and adventure in your style, a boost of confidence will happen in your life. 

I want to share with you the 3 ways to wear leopard booties and how to expand your wardrobe. Remember to show your personality in each outfit recommendation. That is makes you unique and that is what others love about you!

Discover the 3 stylish ways in the video above. 

We get to choose our style and our image. What do you want yours to say? I hope you have a beautiful stylish day!

xoxo Christina

*Make sure to subscribe to the new YouTube channel for how to's, interviews, answers to your beauty, fashion, style, and professional image building questions.*

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Being Thankful + Casual & Comfy

Being Thankful + Casual & Comfy


::Outfit Details::
RetroCity Glasses// Maurices Scarf //
Forever21+ Boyfriend Jeans// Pink Pumps (old) 
Thanks for coming back babe. :) I love wearing a chunky sweater and scarf in the fall time. This scarf is so perfect and full of color to help brighten any day. I recently found these super cute boyfriend jeans at Forever21+ and OMG I love them! I usually can't find boyfriend jeans that fit me or they are too long but these have proved to be a keeper. I definitely recommend trying their jeans if you are a size 12-14 because they have a nice amount of stretch for your curves.

Around this time of the year I like to reflect, spend time with family, and friends. This year has been full of highs and lows but mostly highs. If you follow me on Facebook you saw that I completed every single goal I wrote down in December 2015 except making it to New York Fashion Week (NYFW). I even completed a goal a few months early, which was becoming a full time entrepreneur. There are so many small things we take for granted such as having water, being able to breath or simply walk to the bathroom. I definitely recommend sitting down and writing what you are thankful for in life.

I am thankful for the following 10 things:

  1. Being ALIVE! 
  2. Having my mother, family, and boyfriend in my life.
  3. My Tribe! (YOU) 
  4. Having a sane mind. 
  5. My little Lucky is feeling better. (If you follow me on IG you saw he has been sick. :( 
  6. A growing business that allows me to help others feel, look and be amazing. 
  7. My cousin growing strong every day since his stroke. 
  8. The new bundle of joy in my family. He is adorable, I can't wait to meet him. 
  9. The new things to come next year. (wink, wink)
  10. Every past and future test, trial, and obstacle to come. They have allowed me to grow as a person and showed me what is important in life. 
What are you thankful for in life? Share with us below or in the FaceBook group "PinkLux Babes". 

*So much is going on in the world don't forget to just say thank you, even if everything is going wrong right now. Remember peace and joy will come! 

Until next time Lux Babe....Be Unique...Be You! 


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who What Wear: Leather Skirt

Who What Wear: Leather Skirt

Hey hey hey babe!! It's finally fall...my favorite season!!! I love how nature changes and the beautiful colors all around us. One of my favorite things about fall is the leaves falling off the trees. I have enjoyed playing in leaves since I was a kid so I couldn't help myself when I saw them. It is kind of sad that you don't see kids raking piles of leaves together just to jump in them...but let's get to this outfit I know you are desperately wanting to know about..right! 

I have had this skirt like a month before the first day of fall and couldn't wear it because it was just to hot in Alabama. It was finally cool enough -68 degrees- to put this WhoWhatWear leather beauty on and I am sooooooo in love! Do you ever leave the store and think about an item all the way home?? That was me when I saw this leather skirt in Target. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size but I was not going to give up. I just had to have it in my wardrobe! 

I love the slit action in the front (mild sexy), pockets, and over all fit. Being a shorty -5'3 (ok 5'2.5 just round up lol) I was a little hesitant to purchase. It looked  long but once it arrived and I tried it on it was perfect! I did order a size up due to the leather does not stretch and Thanksgiving is around the corner. (I am going to eat. lol) Wearing heels with the skirt gave the illusion of longer legs (yay) which I loved! I decided to add a printed chunky scarf to give that chic fall feel to the outfit. 

The great news is that this leather skirt is available in plus size up to 22W. Don't get discouraged to wear this pencil skirt. Enhance those curves and be you babe!! How would you style this look?? Stay tuned because I will be wearing this skirt again! 

::Outfit details::
Who What Wear/ Target Skirt (plus size) // 
Maurices/ Black Scope Long Sleeve (similar)// 
Amazon/ Scarf  -old (similar) //
RetroCity/ Sunglasses// Black heels (similar

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Printed Skirt + Great Story

Printed Skirt + Great Story

Hey hey hey babe! I hope you are having a lux day! So this is actually the 3rd time I wore this skirt. I won this beautiful maxi skirt at an event I was vending for PinkLux (the PL Services). Can I just say, "I am in LOVE". I love the print, gold glitter detail, and pops of color even for fall time. So how did I win this skirt???

At the Glam Pop Sip & Shop I heard Jasmine Sanders of the DL Hughley Show say she would buy the winner who could answer her question anything from one of the vendors at the event. The question was "name a segment she does everyday". Before I ran up the steps in my 4 inch pink pumps I asked the organizer can a vendor win. When she said yes, I took off to give my answer to Jasmine. It came down to me and another beautiful lady attending the event. I answered correctly and won any item!!! YAYY! I was sooo excited because if I didn't listen to the show everyday coming home from work I never would have known. lol

After walking around the event to find the perfect prize my eyes found this beautiful skirt. Usually, the items on the rack have to be altered due to they are custom made. However, this skirt fits me perfectly...well it is an inch to long but wearing heels made it fit perfect!

I chose to wear it with a black fitted long sleeve shirt to keep the focus on the skirt. This skirt is the perfect statement piece to wear for events, dinner, or photo shoot.

Where would you wear this skirt?? Let me know below. :)

Skirt- J.Chic // Black Shirt - Maurices (old)//
Wedges (not shown) // Retro City sunglasses 
 Handbag worn as clutch- Forever 21 (old)

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time say Lux....Be Unique...Be You..

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Finding My Authentic Style

Finding My Authentic Style

Hey Babes!! If you are signed up for the newsletter (you can HERE) you know I am now a full time entrepreneur. (Yay!!) I literally had to create a schedule because I was going crazy not having each day planned. Soo...yes I am an obsessive planner. Now that I have my life planned properly I am back to posting. Whoop whoop!!! Now that you know where the hell I have been, let's get into this post....

One of the most important things in life is finding yourself and loving it. As a business owner and influencer it is key to know myself inside and out...my business depends on it! When networking, meeting, creating blog post and servicing clients I want to show who I am through my style. Years ago I use to look at celebrities or bloggers and try to copy their style. The end result was me wearing the items once or twice and feeling like I had nothing to wear. This kept happening because I wasn't being authentic or finding my style. 
Being only 26 years old, I went through a lot of trial and error before I found my authentic look. What I have realized over the years is that those types of trends are not my style. Some trends don't look right on my petite curvy frame and that is okay. Even as a blogger & style coach I don't wear every trend if it doesn't fit MY style. 

My business is built on helping others feel beautiful, stylish and confident. How can I complete my mission if I don't feel beautiful, stylish and confident in my image? 

I have found my authentic style and it consist of a lot of leopard, stripes, pink, jewels, white, green, wine red, quilted everything and a couple of other prints & colors. 

What is your authentic style? Let us know below or join the private Facebook group and discuss with the PinkLux Babes. 

Until next time Lux Babe...Be Unique, Be You

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Importance of Image When Networking

Importance of Image When Networking

Heyyy babes! Today we are chatting it up about the importance of your image when networking. I know you are probably thinking I throw on a black suit or dress and go. WRONG! Consider this scenario:

You walk into a networking event full of individuals you don’t know. You are wearing a black suit or dress which makes you blend in with the rest of the crowd.

No one seems interested in who you are or what you have to offer. You get a couple of conversations once you jump in but it took extra work and may seem awkward at first.

Now back to the discussion…

I’ve been there and done that. When networking I thought if I looked like everyone else in black, brown or grey I was doing something right. What I learned is that I looked boring instead of interesting to my potential clients or new friends. I was pushing my personal style out the window and trying to blend in with the crowd. This was a big mistake…

It is somehow embedded in our minds that we have to follow the “work wear” look in only wear certain colors. Today I am here to push those thoughts out of your head and embed some new ones.

When networking your image is very important because it is the first thing someone see’s before you open your mouth. That’s right before that wonderful pre planned elevator pitch is spoken your image has already started the other persons thinking process.

I would like to introduce you to the “7 Second Perspective”! In just 7 seconds an individual has already determined if they want to speak with you, if they want to hire you, take you serious, and even consider your status.

In just seven seconds what do you want your image to say about you? Strong, confident, poised, business, interesting, welcoming?

3 tips for getting dressed for networking events:

#1. Wear a pop of color! Wearing a black suit is fine if you pair it with a pop of color such as teal blue, blush pink, cranberry red etc. Remember to add your personal style in your look to appear confident.

#2. Wear a pop of print! Purchase a great pair of pumps or flats that are printed such as leopard, plaid, dark floral etc. Wearing a great pair of shoes is a great conversation starter and can spark a common interest. Wearing a pop of print says you are interesting and NOT boring.

#3. Survey your image! Before you walk out the door take a 7 second look and survey yourself. If you don’t take yourself serious, do you think others will? Remember it only takes 7 seconds, make them count! 

Do you want your look surveyed before you walk out the door? Join the private Facebook group today and chat with like minded women. :) 

If you need help with your image remember we are offering new services to help you have an authentic everlasting image! Just work with PinkLux! 

Until next time Lux Babe..Be Unique...Be You! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Girly Street Wear // Camouflage + Bows

Girly Street Wear // Camouflage + Bows

Heeeyyyy!! I know, I know you have been wondering where the hell have you been Christina! I don't like to give excuses, just know your girl is back full in action! I can't wait to share with you all the awesomeness happening in this last quarter!

So let's get to this girly street wear + camouflage and bows outfit!

The fall season is here and I want to wear all my cute fall clothes however, it is still over 80 degrees in Alabama. Due to the heat I have been slowly incorporating seasonal pieces but I also can't let go of my bright spring colors.

My style lately is girly street wear (yes you can totally combine styles) and that makes me love everything about this look.

Let's discuss this t-shirt and how we all can relate to feeling like we have nothing to wear. How many times have you said "I have nothing to wear?" A ton?!

When I saw the shirt on boohoo I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe just to wear for fun. I have worn this t-shirt like 5 times before bringing it to the blog and I am going to wear it a lot more!

I am looking forward to cold weather, the beautiful change of leaves, wearing all of my fall clothes, and sipping on hot cocoa by the fireplace.

What are you looking forward too during the fall season? Have you put away all your spring clothes or are you holding on a little longer? Let me know below or join the tribe in the private Facebook Group to discuss.

:Outfit Details:
Blazer// t-shirt // Target camo pants // 
bow pumps (old) // Amazon sunglasses (old) 

Until next time Lux Babe....Be Unique, Be You

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Colors + Leather Jacket

Fall Colors + Leather Jacket

The autumn season is quickly approaching which means it is time to start transitioning your wardrobe. We all think we have to go out and purchase NEW items but today I will give you my #1 tip on how to wear those summer maxi dresses, skirts, and shorts. Honestly, you can wear all of your favorite summer items -except swimsuits- in the autumn season.

Are you ready?....my number one tip is: ADD LAYERS! Super easy right?  However, many forget and pack those cute dresses, skirts and shorts way. 

If you are like me you have that one dress you cannot get enough of. Don't worry throw on a jacket, scarf, cute booties and wear it this fall season. Remember you are a natural fashionista...break the rules in fashion!!

Make sure to check out my tips on how to Makeover Your Closet for Fall before you start throwing out or packing up old items.

How do you plan to wear your Summer favorites in this Fall? Let me know below or on Facebook and/or Twitter

Thanks for supporting the PinkLuxpl blog!!! Don't forget to share on Twitter and Facebook!

Until next time stay Lux... XOXO

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Natural Acne Daytime Facial Routine

Natural Acne Daytime Facial Routine

Hey hey hey babe! So about a month ago in the PinkLux Babes Facebook group (if you haven't joined head over it's free $0.99)  we chatted up about skincare and taking care of your skin in the live broadcast. You expressed your issues and advice was given on which products to use. Today I am sharing my skin routine, natural products and journey with you. I made some great decisions and not so great decisions due to panicking.

Let's take it back a year real quick. I turned 25 and the beginning of my acne prone skin started. I never - seriously- had acne on my face as a teenager.

Not when it was that time of the month.
Not the occasional zit.
Not when I was nervous.
Like never!

So now you know my skin history in a nut shell let's discuss the start of my acne....

Zits slowly started to pop up on my forehead and then I slowly had zits pop up on my higher cheek bones. Oh it wasn't 1 or 2 zits popping up it was a group just hanging out on my skin. Like "hello we are here to ruin your selfies." Ugh...

I was going crazy trying almost every product at the drugstore, Sephora, and Ulta. I finally got super annoyed and made an appointment to see my dermatologist.

That was my best idea, not sure why I didn't do that in the first place....lesson learned.

In my head I thought I had a few bumps no biggie....WRONG. My doctor said I had a massive acne outbreak. Which is something I did not want to hear to be honest. He prescribed me to use the LHA Cleansing Gel to cleanse my face twice daily. OMG! The LHA Cleansing Gel gives a open pore feeling that makes it feel like it is working immediately.

Only using the LHA Cleansing Gel a week I started to notice my zits going away. I am not going to say they are all gone but majority are cleared up on my skin.

The other two products that have helped my skin tremendously are organic rose water and organic jojoba oil. After doing some long research about products to help acne naturally these two products where at the top of the list.

Affordable, Effective and Proven.

The benefits of using rose water include:

  • Restoring, toning and moisturizing skin
  • Anti-aging and rejuvenating the skin
  • Balances skin Ph levels 
  • Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing (totally works)  
  • Protects and purifies skin 

The benefits of using jojoba oil include:

  • Makeup remover
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Softens hands & feet
  • Clearing acne
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks

My routine:

Step 1. Clean face using LHA Cleansing Gel + clarisonic for 1 minute.
Step 2. I use the organic rose water as a toner to calm the skin after using the cleansing gel.
Step 3. Once the face has dried completely, I apply a pea size amount of jojoba oil all over the face in buffing motions. The organic jojoba oil is used as a moisturizer and acne healer.

With using the combination of the three products my skin has cleared up significantly.

You are probably wondering why I didn't take the prescribed medical route. The reason is I did't want alot of harsh chemicals on my skin. If the natural products continue to work they will continue to be used- "If it is not broke don't fix it" right?

I want to hear from you! Are you struggling with acne? What products have you used that worked? How about products you used that didn't work? Share your story below! Cheers to clear skin!

*Please note that my skin is combination so using an oil as an moisturizer works for MY skin. My acne routine may not work for all skin types. Please consult with your dermatologist or physician before using any products mentioned. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stripes + Leopard Basics

Stripes + Leopard Basics

::Outfit Details::
Target Top //Forever 21+ Jeans// 
Steve Madden Leopard Heels (similar)// Necklace (similar)

Hey hey hey babe! So let's talk about the basics- wardrobe basics. Some hate the term basic but when it comes to your wardrobe they are the pieces that form an outfit effortlessly. My basics may not be the same as your basics and that's what makes us unique. I love wearing basics together and adding a pop of jewelry or color for a feminine touch. 

My basics consist of:
  • Pink
  • Leopard
  • Stripes
  • Metallic's
  • White - YES even after labor day
  • 4 3/4 heels

Lately, I have been trying to find great jeans for the fall. Being an inbetweenie makes finding jeans a fun treasure hunt because they are always to tight in the thigh area, or too large in the stomach area...ugh. Brands are paying attention and starting to get it right for a curvy chica. I found these dark washed jeans in Forever21+ in size 12! I thought my days for shopping in Forever 21 where over once I didn't fit a size 8 or didn't fit into a size 16. They are now starting their sizing at size 12 which has made me one happy customer. The pants are a little long but being 5'3 I am totally used to it! :) 

I have been trying so hard to not buy anything on sale and focus on building my wardrobe for fall. As my girl Jeniese of The Jenesaiqoui says you don't need everything that ends in .97 or .98. I hear those words every time I pass the clearance rack. lol. Instead I have been using my list and budget to stay focused to prepare for fall.

What's on your list for fall? Have you created your budget? If not I invite you to my live FREE webinar going down on September 27th more info >>HERE<<

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