Saturday, November 21, 2015

5 Questions You Must Ask When Buying Clothes

Ok, ladies the holidays are among us and you know what that events, parties and family get togethers. This is also the time of the year we "shop until we drop"! With Cyber Money  and Black Friday coming up I know we will be doing a lot of shopping (I know I will), but don't get "shopping happy" and buy clothes you do not need just because they are on sale. Trust me ladies, you will regret it later while the stores are happy with your money.

I buy all of my clothes online on Cyber Monday because they are cheaper and I can usually find a great discount/promotion code. Before spending your Benjamin's (money $$) this holiday season on clothes answer these 5 questions:

1. Is this item worth the price?

Remember ALOT of items are marked up and placed with a discount to make it seem like you are getting a great deal. Look at the material and quality of the item. Don't spend $35 dollars on a polyester sweater if you can get a cashmere sweater for the same price. Also, consider if it will need to be dry cleaned or can it be washed at home. If it is dry clean only consider this a fee to wear the garment.

2.Will I be wearing this one time or adding it to my essentials list?

If you are buying an outfit for a one time event try not to spend to much money because it will end up hanging in your closet. I recommend buying items at this time of the year to add to your wardrobe essentials list. The best thing about essentials such as a little black dress (LBD) are they can be worn dressed up or dressed down and can transition throughout the year.

3. Can I find this style somewhere cheaper?

Right now is the time to be looking at the deals and stores that you will be shopping at on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Once you have your list together compare and contrast! This will save you so much money and time because you won't have regrets later when you see that must have handbag cheaper at Macy's.

Short story: Two years ago I wanted a brown satchel handbag sooooo bad that once I saw it in Dillard's on Black Friday I purchased it! I didn't think about it because I wanted it....not my best purchase. Dillard's was the first store I went into once I got into the mall...lets fast forward 2 hours. I walk into Macy's at the other mall and see the same handbag for $200 LESS!!! I was so upset but I was out of town so I couldn't go back and return the handbag. This situation taught me to create a strategy even for shopping.

4. Do I have anything to wear with this?

If you see something that you like and have to think more than 20 second about if you have something else to wear with it then you probably shouldn't buy it. Remember to shop smart not quick! This will save you coins and give you extra money to buy things you really want. Also, you won't have to buy other items to wear with one item.

I can't lie I have this problem when it comes to shoes. I buy multiple pairs of shoes with plans on buying the outfit later... "Hello everyone, my name is Christina and I am addicted to shoes!" I am working on this ladies...pray for me. :)

5. Will this fit if I gain a little weight?

This is a new question I started asking myself because over the holidays I always gain 2-3 pounds- it's all the delicious food. However, Cyber Monday is after I have eaten and I don't realize that the clothes I bought might be a little snug in 5-7 days (shipping time). Don't buy clothes with the anticipation of losing weight in the new year. Buy clothes that will fit you now and if you do lose weight they can be worn with a belt or worn oversized.

Check your Christmas list and make sure your getting your wardrobe essentials this holiday season.  

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