Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quick Hair Ideas for School

Heyyy PL's!!!

Welcome back to part two of the three part series: Back to School the Lux Way! Make sure to check out part one for outfit inspiration + how to get a coupon code to help with your back to school shopping.

I am sure you can figure out that we are going to be discussing hair! When growing up my hair took majority of my time when getting ready for school. I have thick, long, curly dark brown/blackish hair so throwing it in a pony tail or bun where my only 2 choices. As I got older I started to think of cute quick hair ideas for school. Those are the ones I am going to share with you today. Neither of the hair styles require heat and can be done with wet hair! :)  I still use some of these quick hair ideas for when I am pressing for time getting ready for work. Enjoy!

#1: The Easy Side Braid

Step 1: Gather all hair on one side or in the back.
Step 2: Secure with an elastic or hair tie.
Step 3: Divide hair into two sections.
Step 4: Holding both sections place a hole in he middle of one section and pull the other section through. (continue until all hair is braided)
Step 5: Secure bottom with elastic.
This hair style is great for those that do not know how to braid.

#2: The Twist Away

Step 1: Grab a section of hair in the front and twist until the end, secure in the middle of the head towards the back.
Step 2: Do step #1 again with a section on both sides of the head. Do this three times = 6 sections.
Step 3: Gather all hair and twist at nap of hair, secure with an elastic.
Step 4: Place hair in bun or wear twisted down.

Let me know which one you try in the comments below. :)

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