Monday, August 3, 2015

Bloganista Mini-Con Recap

Hey Beautiful PL's

Did you all have a great weekend? My weekend was filled with so much education, inspiration, motivation, and lovely women blogger bosses. I attended The Bloganista Mini-Con presented by Laura Vincent on Saturday at the Vestavia Hills Library. (side note: the library was beautiful)  The Mini-Con was hosted by the mastermind Javacia Harris Bowser founder of See Jane Write. It was so fulfilling and great to be around lady blogger bosses. If you want to learn how to build a brand or Blog Like A Boss you need to be apart of See Jane Write. I am still stoked about being there and learning so much new knowledge. Below is my recap of what I learned and photos of the smart and beautiful panelist! 

Eunice Elliott of MBC 13 News was our fabulous guest. She is so encouraging and hilarious! Eunice really made me open my eyes to who I really want to be and where I want to take my brand. Words of the wise Eunice, "Everyone's information about you isn't always for you." 

Chanda Temple discussed how to develop and build a buzz to help your brand, blog, or business. This was the first time I got to actually talk with Chanda and it was a very motivating conversation. She has encouraged me to go a step further in my niche. (So get ready world)
I learned the following:
  • My pitch when I discuss my blog should be 60 seconds. (Mine was like 3 minutes..horrible) 
  • A PR email should include: Who, What, When, Where and Why. 
  • Have a professional headshot. (Not a selfie)
  • Get your wolf pack/team together. This should include all positive people.
  • Use a hashtag before hosting an event. (Google to ensure its appropriate)
  • Plan your events 3 months in advance.
  • Include all sponsors. 
Jeniese Hosey of The Je ne sais quoi is not just a fashion blogger celebrity to me but a motivation and inspiration in my life. She taught me on Saturday that there are ups and downs of being a blogger. Also, the secrets of how she gained her success. 
  • Don't sell out for a new dress. 
  • You will not come up with something new, just put your own spin on it.
  • It's NOT ok to be a headless blogger. (I am so guilty)
  • Go after what you want and don't give up. 
  • Be you! 
 Blog Like a Boss Panelists: Heather Brown of My Life Well Loved, Javacia Harris Bowser of See Jane Write, and Jennifer Dome King of Stellar Fashion and Fitness. These ladies are bosses when it comes to blogging.

I learned the following from these blogger bosses:
  • Never over commit.
  • Focus on one thing and Rock it.
  • Be consistent.
  • Create great content.
  • Take clear pictures.
  • Create a media kit.

Magazine Panelists: Maacah Davis of Belladonna Magazine, Kaneshia Sims of Red Pash Magazine, Annie DeVries of Hoffman Media. If you want to create and publish your own magazine these are the "IT" ladies. 
I learned the following form these magazine bosses:
  • Meet deadlines when you work with a magazine.
  • Be prepared to do some work. 
  • Get in contact with new started magazines to gain experience.
~Fun with the ladies~

Photo by PinkLuxpl
I was the WINNER of this AMAZING cookbook by Martie Duncan and Chanda Temple. I never win anything so I am super excited to have this signed copy. Birmingham Best Bites includes favorite recipes from Birmingham, Al restaurants, bars, and food trucks. I look forward to making some cocktails! 
There are not enough words to express how amazing Javacia Harris Bowser is in my life. I went from thinking I can to knowing I can to doing it, with her encouragement. Thanks for being a wolf in my pack!  
Great fashion minds think alike! We were so twinsies! :)

Every time I leave a See Jane Write event I feel amazing. I cannot wait until the next event! 

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Until next time stay Lux... XOXO

All Photos by PinkLuxpl

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  1. I am so happy that we are blogger boos!!! You are such a super star!!!



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