Friday, July 10, 2015

Swimsuits for Curvy Petite Women

Hi Beautiful Ladies

The most important article of clothing you will purchase this summer is a swimsuit. Say GOODBYE to the ugly, plain, and unflattering swimsuits. Today there are so many designers and clothing lines focusing on women with curves, there is no excuse to wear that plain black swimsuit. You are beautiful and can wear that bright color or pattern! If you have problems with that muffin top you couldn't work off by summer don't sweat it you will still look gorgeous! (YOU are PL approved) 

 If you are looking for a beautiful flattering swimsuit to fit your curvy petite body then you need to purchase one of the following 5 Swimsuits for Curvy Petite Women. Enjoy loves! 

One Shoulder 
Cut Outs
Sheer Inserts
Eye Catching Prints 
Midi Kini
Now that you have chosen the perfect swimsuit don't forget your Beach Bag Essentials and cute Sunglasses.

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Until next time stay Lux... XOXO

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  1. There are so many comfortable swimsuits on sale at the store



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