Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Build Confidence

Hello Beautiful PL's

You are probably wondering why the topic How to Build Confidence is being discussed on a beauty and fashion blog. Having confidence in ones self is important before applying makeup or wearing that beautiful dress. 

Have you ever worn that perfect dress or that perfect lipstick color but you felt like it wasn't enough or you still felt ugly? You are told your are beautiful but YOU don't feel confident. Even the prettiest girl can have low confidence. These tips will help you build confidence and help you remember that you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out! 

Tip #1 Self Love
Say "I LOVE YOU" to yourself! Stop reading, get up, look in the mirror and say those words. Yes, that's right talk to yourself. Everyday we tell others that we love them but we forget to tell ourselves. Having self love is the most important type of love. If we do not love ourself how will we love another human? Learn what you like to do and start doing it. What is your favorite movie, food, show, vacation spot or bible verse?

Tip #2 Be Positive
Pick 3 things that you love about yourself. It can be your lips, toes, or how you love helping others. Remember those 3 things every time you start to feel like you are not confident. 

Tip #3 Step out on Faith
Apply for that job position, wear that dress or bright color eyeshadow! When you step out of your comfort zone you find new interest and build confidence. 

Tip #4 No Worries
Stop worrying about what others think and live your life. Remember those 3 things you love about yourself and continue your day. Someone will always be negative but that is just a sign that they lack confidence. 

Tip #5 Medium or Large
Don't worry about what the tag says but how it fits your body. Everyone is unique so certain pieces will fit different. Learn what material looks great on your body not Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Look at others for ideas not to compare to ourselves. This is one of the biggest mistakes we as women make everyday. 

Tip #6 Complete Goals
Write a list of short term goals and long term goals, pick one and start on your journey to confidence. Use this template to figure out what you need to do first to complete your goals. Completing your goals will make you feel great on the inside and show that you are awesome!! :)

Tip#7 Start Moving
Being active is great way to clear your mind from negative thoughts. Plus it will help you get in those skinny jeans, if that is one of your goals that will make you feel confident. 

I hope these 7 steps help you gain the confidence you desire. Remember you are awesome and unique! XOXO

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Until next time stay Lux...XOXO

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