Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Flowers:Nail Tutorial

Happy Monday beautiful PL's!!!

The phrase "April showers bring May flowers" is a true statement because it has been raining constantly in Alabama. Due to all the rainy days flowers are blooming and rainbows are across the sky. It is very beautiful and inspirational. This nail look was inspired by the growing flowers in my backyard and the colorful rainbow in the sky over the weekend. I hope you enjoy this nail tutorial. XOXO

::Finished Look::

*Items Needed*
We are using all Eyes Lips Face (ELF) polishes today, they are only $2. Beauty on a budget is best!  The pigmentation is great and the durability is long lasting. When applied with a base and top coat your nails should not chip until 3-5 days later. 

OPI Base Coat// Nail Enamel-White//Wet n Wild-Clear

Beauty Sponge// Rhinestones-Ebay// Dotting Tools

Step 1~ Apply two coats of White polish. (This will make the colors more vibrant.)

Step 2~ Apply Lilac and Yellow to half of the sponge. (wait 3 seconds before stamping on nail) 

Step 3~ Apply sponge on half of nail. (Right side shown)

Step 4~ Apply Mango Madness and Mint Cream to the other half of the sponge. (wait 3 seconds before stamping on nail) 

Step 5~ Apply sponge on other half of nail. 
(Remove polish on skin with Q-tip and remover) 
Apply glitter polish. (Optional)
Step 6~ Using dotting tool create 3 petal flowers. 

Step 7~ Apply rhinestones to center of flower by applying a small dot of clear polish to center. 
Step 8~ Finish with a top coat. (This will also seal the stones on the nail)
Step 9~ Polish other nails one of the 4 colors. 

Step 10~ Apply rhinestones (I love rhinestones) to corner of desired nail. (This is optional)


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