Monday, March 30, 2015

4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo 2015

Hello my Beautiful PL's! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great time attending the 4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo. FYI: Natural hair is when the hair is in the original state that you were born with. The hair is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered. The NHHExpo was full of great people, booths filled with new products and creative hair shows. I learned so much about caring for my hair and about keeping my skin healthy. Here are some of the pictures from the Expo. 


 The Basic products were amazing. The products are used when straightening the hair and even when it gets wet it keeps the hair straight. You only need to use the products every 2 weeks. 

Runway Curls

 The Runway Curls song played is stuck in my head. "Work those runway curls", i'm working'!

Models rocking the Runway Curls hair. 

The Best Damn salon had some of their best beauticians doing hairstyles on real customers. They turned out beautiful. 

The Best Damn Salon is the home of Runway Curls. Above is the owner Mushiya Tshikuka rocking the runway and demonstrating each type of hair. 

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 


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