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Recent Work

Monday, March 30, 2015

4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo 2015

4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo 2015

Hello my Beautiful PL's! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great time attending the 4th Annual Natural Hair & Health Expo. FYI: Natural hair is when the hair is in the original state that you were born with. The hair is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered. The NHHExpo was full of great people, booths filled with new products and creative hair shows. I learned so much about caring for my hair and about keeping my skin healthy. Here are some of the pictures from the Expo. 


 The Basic products were amazing. The products are used when straightening the hair and even when it gets wet it keeps the hair straight. You only need to use the products every 2 weeks. 

Runway Curls

 The Runway Curls song played is stuck in my head. "Work those runway curls", i'm working'!

Models rocking the Runway Curls hair. 

The Best Damn salon had some of their best beauticians doing hairstyles on real customers. They turned out beautiful. 

The Best Damn Salon is the home of Runway Curls. Above is the owner Mushiya Tshikuka rocking the runway and demonstrating each type of hair. 

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All White Everything

All White Everything

Hi my beautiful PL's. I have created another look inspired by the beautiful fashionista Angela Simmons. I just love her style, she can be super girly or comfortable and chic. I think this is a perfect Spring outfit. The jacket is lightweight and a great choice to throw on for those cool Spring nights. The necklace is one of my new favorite statement pieces from Zara and completes this Lux for Less look. The complete Lux for Less look will cost you less than $120! (Awesome, right?) I hope you enjoy this Lux for Less recreation. XOXO~

Photo: Instagram


Each piece can also be worn with other items. I love buying pieces that can be worn to make a new outfit. 

Biker Jacket// T-shirt// White Jeans// Fringe necklace// Heels

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

~Favorite Spring Candles~

~Favorite Spring Candles~

Happy Monday loves! It is the first week of Spring so we have to make sure we have all the new yummy smelling candles at Bath & Body Works. I can't wait to burn each and everyone of these candles. Unfortunately the candles have increased to $22.50 which I think is ridiculous. I still remember when they were under $15 and 2 for $20. I always try to wait to stock up on my candles when they are 2 for $24 and combine the $10 coupon. Right now all the candles below are 2 for $24. Let me know what is your favorite Bath & Body Works candle.

I love this candle, it smells like your grandmother is baking fresh cookies in the kitchen. You cannot buy one you have to at least buy 2.

Burn this candle while doing Yoga, taking a hot bath, or meditating and your will instantly feel relaxed. I love lighting these when I am taking a bath or reading my bible. 

I love the top of this candle and it smells delicious in the kitchen. 

If you love the body products in this scent you are going to love the candle it smells exactly the same. 

I love to burn this candle in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and find your favorite candle.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Must Have Items~Beauty

Spring Must Have Items~Beauty

Happy Spring everyone!!!! I can not believe how quickly the months are passing and the seasons are changing. I love waking up and looking out my window to the beautiful trees blossoming. All the leaves are growing and the birds are coming back to the lake. Some of my favorite things to do in the Spring are walking on trails, enjoying the soft breeze and smelling fresh flowers. What is your favorite thing about Spring?

Since Spring is here that means its time to prepare your skin and body for the weather change. It will be warmer and the UVA and UVB rays will become stronger. Do not wait until the summer to prep your body for the extreme heat and damage that can be caused. Below are some of my favorite items I use to keep my skin and hair healthy and protected from the sun.

1. and 7. Nude and a bright blue nail polish will be perfect for the Spring. Blue polish will be this Spring favorite color.
2. and 4. A BB Cream will be great to wear instead of full coverage make-up because it will not melt off your face during hot temperatures. Make sure to pick up one that has SPF to protect your skin from the sun.
3. I spray heat protect on my hair during the hot months to protect from the sun which can also cause heat damage like a hot tool.
5. A face setting spray will help keep your make-up in place if you do chose to wear a full face of make-up.
6. and 8. The most important item to have this Spring is a broad spectrum sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen blocks UVB rays, which cause sunburn and UVA rays, which cause skin damage. 

::Items Listed::

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Smoked Liner Eyes & Bold Lips

Smoked Liner Eyes & Bold Lips

Hi Loves! Happy Monday, I hope you all are having a great day. I wanted to try and do a smoked liner because I thought it would be great for a hot date. This look was very easy and you only need a black liner and a liner pencil to create the smoked wing. This will be great for all eye colors which I think is great because it gives just the right amount of drama to the eyes. You can apply lashes for even more drama, I used my real lashes to you can see how it can still look very appealing without bold lashes. Add a bold red lip and you are ready for your night out! This look was created using inexpensive products so everyone can achieve this look. I hope you enjoy this creation and let me know which others you would like to see me create in the comments. All products will be mentioned below. XOXO

Step 1: Prime eyelids with ELF Mineral Eye shadow Base.
Step 2: Apply a color very similar to your skin tone. This will make your liner really pop out. 

Step 3: Apply a dramatic wing line using Elf Cream Liner.

Step 4: Using Lancome eyeliner pencil draw a line above the cream liner from the middle to the end of the wing. Use a blending brush, blend up in very small motions. If you do not want your wing too smoked only blend a little and do not drag up. You can also smoke from the tear duct to add even more drama.

Step 5: Using an eyeliner brush and black eye shadow create your bottom wing. 

Step 6: Apply your favorite mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Do not forget to curl those lashes before applying your mascara. 

Step 7: Tight line your eyes and your are now complete! 

Step 1: Use Nyx Hot Red to line your lips.

Step 2: Apply Nyx Perfect Red

I hope you liked this look! Thanks. <3

Make sure to share! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

L.A. Girl Ombre Lips

L.A. Girl Ombre Lips

Hi my beautiful PL's. Happy Wednesday a.k.a. hump daayyy! Its almost the weekend and almost SPRING. Okay I have to admit I am totally excited to wear sandals and bright colors! What is a better way to start spring  than with a beautiful ombre lip combo!? This ombre lip is so easy to recreate just make sure to blend so there are no harsh lines. (Just like eye shadow) An ombre look starts with a darker shade and ends with a lighter shade or vise verse. Make sure to tag me if you chose to recreate this look beautifuls. XOXO

Step 1: Apply Tempt to outer rime of lip like a lip liner. Bring it down just a little so the next color blends effortlessly. 

Step 2: Apply Blushing to the center of the lips and blend up, this will cover some of the Tempt shade. 

Step 3: Apply Gleam to the center of the lip and blend up and out. Make sure not to cover to much of the Blushing glaze. Viola you have your omber lip! Now you are ready for spring. XOXO

L.A. Girl Lip Glaze Lip Paint

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