Saturday, December 6, 2014

DIY: Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decor

Hello everyone! Below I have created an easy DIY for making garland decor for your fireplace mantel. The best part is that it will only cost you $6!! Compared to those in stores that can run up to $80. (When completely decorated) I think this is a steal! It may cost more depending on if you buy additional supplies. This a great project to do with the entire family. Add Christmas stockings for that extra touch! I hope you all enjoy! XOXO

Materials Needed:
Green Garland- $1
Colorful Garland- $1
Red Bows pack of  8- $1
Gold & Silver Ornaments pack of 7- $1
2 Rolls of Reindeer Ribbon- $1
Ornament Hangers (already had)

Additional Material (Not required)
Decorated Stocking- $1 each

Some items shown were not used. Extra was purchased just in case there was not enough material.

1. Measure your fireplace with the green garland.
 Mine was less than 9 feet so I was able to double. If you are able to double secure ends with ornament hangers to mark end places. This will help to know where to stop decorating. 

2. Wrap colorful garland around the green garland. 

3. Attach bows in desired areas. Use as many as you would like. 

4. Tie ornaments on garland were desired.
Use the gold ornament string that came with the ornaments. 

5. Using the wired ribbon create 2 bows as shown below. These will be placed on both ends.

6. Secure bows in corners. The middle bow was made from left over ribbon. 

7. Using tape or decor hangers, hang your New Christmas Decor! Add Christmas stocking if wanted. :) Enjoy! 

*All items shown in DIY can be found and purchased at your local Dollar Tree*


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