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Recent Work

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Red & Gold Smokey Holiday Make-up Look

Red & Gold Smokey Holiday Make-up Look

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!! I am so excited and filled with joy this holiday season! I wanted to upload a holiday eye and lip look that I think will be perfect for Christmas! I will not be uploading again until next Monday and Friday due to the holidays. Thank you so much to everyone that supports my blog. I really appreciate you all and I am so happy to have awesome viewers! Please subscribe for your weekly dose of PinkLux. All details on this look will be listed below. I hope you enjoy this pictorial! XOXO 

Apply Elf primer to lid. 

Using BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette below.

Highlight brow bone using BH Cosmetics Contour Kit.

Spray brush with Elf mist and set. Add Elf glitter in center of lid. Make sure to blend! 

Apply a wing line and mascara. Viola!!


Line lips with Nyx Burgundy and fill in with Nyx lipstick. This will give the ombre effect. 

Merry Christmas!!!

::Used Items::
Elf: Primer- HERE
BH Cosmetics: 88 Color Matte Palette- HERE
BH Cosmetics: Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Contouring Kit- HERE
Elf: Shimmering Facial Whip Golden Peach- HERE
Elf: Mist and Set Spray- HERE
Elf: Long lasting eye shadow Toast- HERE
Elf: Concealer Brush- HERE
Elf: Cream Eyeliner- HERE
Loreal Mascara- HERE
Younique Mascara- Ebay
Nyx: Lip Liner Burgundy- HERE
Nyx: Maison- HERE

Monday, December 22, 2014

ELF Haul

ELF Haul

Hello everyone. Thanks for coming back to the blog! I am super excited to share my first haul on the blog! I did some shopping for the holidays and picked up some of my favorite lux for less beauty items from eyeslipsface.com (ELF). They were having a 50% off of everything sale so I picked up two of everything (exempt the nail polishes). If you want to see what I got just keep scrolling! XOXO~

Left to Right:
1. The nail polishes came in a gift box of 14. The polishes are very pigmented. Make sure to apply a top coat to prevent chipping.
2. The High Definition Power is in white translucent. It feels in all lines leaving your skin flawless.
3. Ok, first let me just say STOP and go to the ELF website and purchase this Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. When I say it is the bomb.com I am not lying. For only $3 this is defeinatly my favorite ELF product. I have tried higher priced brands and I always go back to this eyeshadow primer.
4. The lipsticks are very moisturizing and stay on for about 3 hours. They do transfer so make sure you set with powder for longer wear.
Velvet Rope

Wink Pink

5. The lip exfoliator is great and smells like coffee. It has small beads in the tube with leaves the lips soft as butter.
6. The eyeliner was purchsed in coffee brown because I wanted something to wear during the day. Black is a harsh color to wear everyday. A brown eyeliner will soften up your makeup look.
7. The brushes purchased are my favorite for blending concealor, setting my under eye with powder and blending my eyeshadows. I have purchased these brushes over and over.
8.The lipstain was great and stayed on for hours. I applied a lip balm before applying so my lips would not look dry. 
9. The shimmering facial whips are AMAZING. I use them for high lighters on my cheeks, inner tear duct and cupids bow. A small amount goes a long way. Just apply on the tip of your brush or blend with your ring finger.

Items Here:
Nail Polish Gift Set- HERE
Shimmering Facial Whip: Lilac Petal- HERE
Shimmering Facial Whip: Golden Peach- HERE
Lip Stain: Berry- HERE
Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick: Like a Boss- HERE
Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick: Little Miss Thing- HERE
Studio Brushes: Crease Brush- HERE, Small Stipple- HERE, Small Tapered- HERE
Studio: Lip exfoliator- HERE
Studio Lipstick: Wink Pink- HERE, Velvet Rope- HERE
Mineral Eyeshadow Primer: Sheer- HERE
Studio Eyeliner: Coffee- HERE
High Definition Powder: Translucent Sheer- HERE

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fashion: Celebrity Lux for Less Look

Fashion: Celebrity Lux for Less Look

Hi my beautiful PL's. I wanted to create something relaxing that each chica could look lux but edgy. I chose to recreate one of my favorite Khloe Kardashian looks she posted on Instagram. Khloe always looks cute even when she is rocking something so simple like a beanie, biker jacket, and boots. This is a perfect outfit to wear on a day running errands or even meeting up with the girls. The Givenchy boots alone will cost you $2,075. The complete Lux for Less look will cost you less than $180! (Awesome, right?) These boots are a must have and a staple piece to add the perfect touch to any outfit. I hope you enjoy this Lux for Less recreation. XOXO~

Lux Look

Lux for Less Look

Light Washed Jeans- HERE
Quilted Biker Jacket- HERE
Black T- HERE
Black Beanie- HERE
Clutch- HERE
Wedge Covered Boots- HERE or HERE

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fashion: Holiday Look Book

Fashion: Holiday Look Book

Hi Loves! I can not believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and New Years is less than 3 weeks away! This year has passed so quickly. Since the holidays are coming we have to look fab. Below I have created a holiday look book! I did not want all the outfits to look glam because some of us want to be comfortable but still chic. Each look includes faux fur or faux leather which is so chic and makes any outfit lux. I hope you enjoy this Holiday Look Book! XOXO


Casual Chic 

Inspired by the Balmin Winter collection.
Similar Items:

Outfit Details:
Look #1
Black Leather Pants- HERE
Faux Fur Coat- HERE
Pussy Bow Blouse- HERE
Heels- HERE
Brook- Lynn Crystal Earrings- HERE
L.A. Girl Lip Paint: Pin up- HERE

Look #2
Light Washed Jeans- HERE
Blue Jeans Button Down- HERE
Asymmetrical Fur Vest- HERE
 Grey Snake Skin- HERE
Triple ring set- HERE
Aviator Sunglasses- HERE
Wool Fedora Hat- HERE

Faux Leather Pants- HERE
Black & White Quilted Jacket- HERE
Blouse- HERE
Gold Heels- HERE
Chunky Necklace- HERE
Gold Cuff- HERE

Similar Items:
Left Jacket- HERE
Right Jacket- HERE

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beauty: Holiday Nails #2

Beauty: Holiday Nails #2

Hi Everyone!! I have created #2 of the holiday nail series! (Yeah!!) The black, white and gold nail polish look will make any outfit pop! I think this look will be perfect for Christmas and New Years! All polishes where previously purchased. I will add links to those I am able to find! :) The OPI polishes can be on the pricey side but the others are no more than $2! If you choose to recreate, please tag the blog on Instagram @PinkLuxPL Thanks so much! Enjoy. XOXO

This is the look we will be creating. Please keep scrolling for the pictorial.

Items Needed

1. File nail in desired shape.

2. Apply one layer of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat or your favorite base coat. 

3. Apply french tip stickers in a downward slant direction. French stickers were used because you want a slight arch not a straight line.  

4. Using your white NK nail polish to paint top part of your nail. Be careful not to paint under the nail sticker. Allow 2-3 minutes for nail polish to dry. (If you take of sooner it may smudge) 

5. Apply clear tape in straight downward slant. 

6. Apply Sinful Colors black nail polish. Slowly peel tape from nail, this will leave a clean line. 

7. Apply ELF gold nail polish in the center.
8. Apply OPI Rapi Dry top coat or your favorite top coat! You are finished! :)

Items Used:
OPI: Base Coat- HERE
NK Nail Enamel: Really White- HERE
Sinful Colors: Only Purchase at Walgreen's
ELF: Golden Goddess- HERE
OPI: Rapi Dry-HERE

Monday, December 8, 2014

Beauty: Holiday Nails #1

Beauty: Holiday Nails #1

Hi loves! I uploaded this nail look to Instagram last week and you loved it. This nail pictorial was requested to be added on the blog! Holiday Nails will be apart of a 3 pictorial series! Make sure to check back to see the other two. This look was easy and fun to create! It is definitely starting to feel like Christmas and what better way to show it than nail art!! Only items purchased where the the Wet n Wild nail polishes. All other items where previously purchased. Please tag me on IG @PinkLuxPL if you chose to recreate! Thanks loves! XOXO

These are the needed supplies.

Left Hand

1. Start with clean nails. File wanted nail shape. 

2. Apply 1 coat of your favorite base coat. 

 3. Paint desired finger white. (Ring finger used above.)

4. Using your green nail polish and dotting tool. Create a Christmas tree on white painted nail. 

Christmas tree will act like an outline for applying green rhinestones. 

5. Apply gold polish on other nails. Left hand is complete! 

Right Hand

Complete steps 1 and 2 on right hand.

3. Apply gold polish over entire nail. Paint french tip using red polish. 

4. Use dotting tool to apply white dots to form fluff on hat. 
5. Add clear rhinestone on hat tip.
6. Apply gold polish on other nails. Right hand is complete! 

I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial! 

Items Used:
Wet n Wild- SaGreena the Teenage Witch- HERE
Wet n Wild- Everybody Loves Redmond- HERE
*All other items were previously purchased.*

Saturday, December 6, 2014

DIY: Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decor

DIY: Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decor

Hello everyone! Below I have created an easy DIY for making garland decor for your fireplace mantel. The best part is that it will only cost you $6!! Compared to those in stores that can run up to $80. (When completely decorated) I think this is a steal! It may cost more depending on if you buy additional supplies. This a great project to do with the entire family. Add Christmas stockings for that extra touch! I hope you all enjoy! XOXO

Materials Needed:
Green Garland- $1
Colorful Garland- $1
Red Bows pack of  8- $1
Gold & Silver Ornaments pack of 7- $1
2 Rolls of Reindeer Ribbon- $1
Ornament Hangers (already had)

Additional Material (Not required)
Decorated Stocking- $1 each

Some items shown were not used. Extra was purchased just in case there was not enough material.

1. Measure your fireplace with the green garland.
 Mine was less than 9 feet so I was able to double. If you are able to double secure ends with ornament hangers to mark end places. This will help to know where to stop decorating. 

2. Wrap colorful garland around the green garland. 

3. Attach bows in desired areas. Use as many as you would like. 

4. Tie ornaments on garland were desired.
Use the gold ornament string that came with the ornaments. 

5. Using the wired ribbon create 2 bows as shown below. These will be placed on both ends.

6. Secure bows in corners. The middle bow was made from left over ribbon. 

7. Using tape or decor hangers, hang your New Christmas Decor! Add Christmas stocking if wanted. :) Enjoy! 

*All items shown in DIY can be found and purchased at your local Dollar Tree*

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fashion: Must Have Fall Outerwear!

Fashion: Must Have Fall Outerwear!

Hi everyone! The colder months are approaching and it is time to get your warm coats! I know in some states there is already snow and below freezing temperatures. However, in Alabama it is around 70 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night. (Feels Awesome) Soon it will be cold and we must prepare! Below are some of the styles to look for when out shopping for your new outerwear! These trends have been all over the runway and magazines. You are sure to turn heads when you rock your new coat! I love the bold colors and long wool styles. They give just the perfect amount of elegance and style to any look. Rock your outerwear with jeans or a dress! Each coat will cost less than $100! (Yeah) Enjoy PL’s. XOXO 

This is perfect to add that pop of color to any outfit while staying warm! Wear pointy toe heels to give that effortless chic look.

Prints/Statement Pieces

The Trench Coat

Faux Fur 

This Silver Sequin Biker Jacket will be perfect to wear for the holidays, especially New Years! Wear with a cute black or red dress. Don't over accessorize the look because you want the jacket to be your main accessory. 


Capes are perfect to wear with over the knee boots (OTK), leather gloves and over sized sunglasses. 

SheInside: Long Pink Wool- HERE
H&M: Grey Wool- HERE
SheInside: Cobalt Blue Military Wool- HERE
Choies: Black Large Collar- HERE
SheInside: Red Large Collar- HERE
Choies: Pink & Black Color Block- HERE
H&M: Leopard Double Bust- HERE
Boohoo: Plaid Asymmetric- HERE
Choies: Peplum Trench- HERE
SheInside: Suede Biker- HERE
Boohoo: Faux Fur Vest- HERE
Boohoo: Sequin Metallic Biker- HERE
SheInside: Black & White Color Block Cape- HERE
SheInside: Military Cape- HERE

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 

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