Monday, November 24, 2014

Having and Clearing up KP-Chicken Skin

Happy Monday my beautiful PL's. Having KP (Keratosis Pilaris) is something most women don't want to talk about or misdiagnose. When I first started to see the reddish and white bumps I thought I had eczema on my arms. I went out and got treatment for eczema and that only made the redness and bumps worse. At this point I determined it was time to see a doctor. I went to my doctor and he told me it was KP. Below I have shared some knowledge and home remedies that have worked miracles for me! Consult with a doctor before the use of any of the ingredients, just in case you are allergic. 

What is KP?

KP is a harmless skin condition common on women from their teen years to around 30. KP can cause small hard bumps that may make your skin feel like sandpaper. The bumps can be red or white. They can appear on your upper arms, thighs, buttocks, or face causing redness, itchiness and swelling.

Keeping KP Comfortable!
  1. Don't scratch, pick, or roughly rub your bumps. 
  2. When showering or bathing use warm water NOT hot water. This sucks out the moisture in your skin. 
  3. Use soaps that have added oils and moisturizing ingredients. 
  4. Use thick moisturizers on the skin. 
  5. Exfoliate the area 3-5 times a week. 
  6. Make sure none of your products have silica acid or alcohol as an ingredient.
  7. In the winter months use a humidifier to keep moisture in your residence.  
These small tips can keep your skin comfortable and prevent from itching. 

Over the Counter Products!

If you chose to purchase any over the counter medicated lotions and exfoliates I recommend the products below. 
Glytone is my favorite of the two. Results where shown within a week of using, skin was smooth and felt moisturized. You can find this product at your Dermatologist office ($58) or Amazon (cheaper) for $42.21. First, wash area with the exfoliating body wash. Second, apply lotion evenly to KP area. Your skin will feel AMAZING. 

These are great products don't get me wrong but the price is very steep! These two products together will cost you about $130. KP duty will make your skin soft and your KP will clear up in the area treated. 

 Home Remedies!

If you have time and would like to see your KP clear up the natural way I recommend using the home remedy below. Personally, this is a miracle mixture and has worked 10x better than the medicated products above. Don't expect your KP to clear up overnight. You need to apply daily. If you have very sensitive skin some ingredients may irritate the applied area. Please consult with a physician before using this remedy. 

You will need the following:
2 tsp- Lemon juice
1 tbsp- Honey
1 tbsp- Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp- Coconut Oil
(Add brown sugar to make mixture an exfoliate.)

1. Mix all ingredients together. 
2. Apply to area after you have exfoliated. 
3. Rub into skin.
4. Enjoy soft skin. XOXO

Glytone KP Kit- HERE
Dermadoctor KP Duty- HERE & HERE

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 

I hope you enjoyed the post! 

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  1. You can also use Cerave SA which helps keep KP at bay. You have to use it consistently and KP will come back. I was told (years ago) that I had a "rash" because I was allergic to the sun...*sigh*



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