Friday, November 7, 2014

Beauty: Keeping Skin Healthy During the Cold Months

Hello again love muffins! I thought since it is finally getting cold I would share how to keep your skin soft and moisturized during the Fall and Winter. During this time of the year your skin is in shock and is ready to breakout and bump up! We all hate those zits and the redness that occurs around this time of the year. The two mask discussed are only $3.99 and can be found at Ulta Beauty Store! I reach for both of these mask every week to refresh my skin and to keep it healthy. Especially after a week of wearing makeup and being out in the weather. I hope these help your skin PL's! Enjoy! XOXO

My favorite affordable facial mask is the Charcoal & Black Sugar polishing mask made by Freeman. This Charcoal and Black Sugar mask is perfect for your skin in the Fall and Winter months. If you are having breakouts because of the change of weather I advise you to go out and get this mask right now! When you apply the mask to your face the charcoal will absorb all the dirt and oil left in your skin from makeup or even after you have washed it. The charcoal will not dry out the skin, so this product is great for all of my dry skin PL’s. The black sugar helps exfoliate built up dull skin that can cause breakouts. When you wash it off of your face your skin will be soft and visibly clearer. This mask is perfect for all skin types! The key to having flawless make up is having great skin! Be comfortable in YOUR skin FIRST! 

The Cucumber peel off mask is my go to mask to help refresh my skin after working out or when my skin is feeling really dry. I have to admit it was a bit weird and cool the first time I used this mask. The main reason it was weird because it peeled off like when your have glue on your hand. However, it was cool because you see all the impurities sitting on your face when you peel it off. The cucumber and aloe soothes the skin and moisturizes. I think this product will be great for all skin types. Furthermore, I do recommend letting it dry on your face for about 15-20 minutes. The directions say 5-10 minutes but mine never completely dried in that time frame.

Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask- HERE
Cucumber Mask- HERE

You will be able to purchase all products listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another web page. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to find the Lux for Less! 

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