Monday, October 20, 2014

Nails: French and Moon w/ Bling

Hello love muffins! During the Fall and Winter time everyone wants to rock dark nail colors. I think a white nail is always Lux looking and can be worn year round. The nail tutorial I created can be worn by everyone! Of course I included the tone down version. This nail look will only take you about 30 minutes. And that is including applying the rhinestones! The nail polish used is L.A. Colors Energy Source. The price is $1.49 (awesome right?!), the polish is not super watery like most inexpensive nail polishes. I have included where to purchase if you are unable to find it in your local dollar store! I hope you enjoy! Please upload your recreations to PinkLuxuriousPL Facebook page! XOXO

To get this look just keep scrolling! 

These are the essentials needed for this manicure! 

1. File nails to desired shape and size.

2. Apply favorite Base Coat.

3. Apply french tip strips across the middle of each nail.

4. Apply two coats of L.A. Colors Energy Source nail polish evenly over nail. 

5. Slowly remove the french nail strips. 
You can leave it like this and just apply a top coat or continue for finished look. 

Apply rhinestones. 

Finished Look! 

Items used:
L.A. Colors-Energy Source- HERE

You will be able to purchase all product(s) listed above by clicking the word(s) highlighted. This will take you to another webpage. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! Please comment below any other looks you would like for me to recreate the Lux for Less! 

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