Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting and Staying Fit this Fall

Yes I know it is almost the end of the year and time to indulge in turkey and dressing, but it is not an excuse to not get or stay fit! 1st get a workout video for example Focus T25 (because no one wants to drive to the gym with our busy schedules). 2nd make realistic goals, we often think we can just stop eating unhealthy and start eating fruits and vegetables everyday. 3rd get with a group or download an app to help you stay on track/focused (ex. MyFitnessPal); encouragement from others can help more than you know! Now you are on your way to getting and staying fit! Start NOW not January 1st

1. Focus T25 is only 3 payments of $39.99 (comes with money guarantee) and it includes all materials shown above. Each video is guaranteed to only be 25 minutes (it usually takes us this long to do our make-up). Before you know it you are sweating, the video is ending and you are fitting in those skinny jeans (Dreams do come true)!! Make sure you drink water or your favorite sports drink to stay hydrated (this is VERY important).
These are very yummy! 

2. Easy quick and yummy meals like shown above can be made to eat healthy. (Seriously, who wants to eat like a rabbit?) Look here to get started! 

Look for this icon in the play store or apple store.

3. Invite your friends to follow you on MyFitnessPal for daily encouragements. Once downloaded input your weight, goal, height and viola it will make a plan for you to lose your unwanted weight! Also, invite everyone over for a fitness party! Put Focus T25 on the big screen, serve water, snacks and challenge each other!

I hope the tips provided above help you get or stay fit this fall season! Please share your tips below in the comment section that you use to stay or get fit!

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