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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Beauty Products Every Video Content Creator Needs

In 2017 the #1 way people enjoyed their tips, information, knowledge was from video content. This includes webinars, YouTube videos, FaceBook Live, Instragram Live/post. Don’t get me wrong people still love to read but they rather get the content in video form. In 2018 video content is not going anywhere and I would advise you to stand out not blend in.

What does this mean for you?

It means hopping on with a 2 day not brushed/combed hair or running eyeliner days need to come to an end.

Just think about it from the viewer’s perspective. They are scrolling and see you looking uninviting with your image...guess what? They are going to keep scrolling or not take you serious if they choose to tune in. 

Does this mean you need to have on a full face of makeup? NO!

Does this mean you need a glam squad? NO!

It does mean you need to give your audience something to look at and not get distracted by your background or worse get bored.

The truth is you don’t need a beauty team on payroll just for you to go Live on Facebook or make Youtube videos. You do need to know what products and tools can help make you stand out from others in your profession.

There are millions of video content created daily. How will you stand out?

To get started these are the 5 beauty products every video content creator needs (They won’t cost you a fortune) :)

#1 Concealer- Remember a whole face of makeup isn’t needed but covering up a zit from pms time, redness, or dark under eye circles is needed. Find a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover those emergency moments. To make it appear like skin not a cover up- blend out with your finger in circular movements slowly going outward.

#2 Mascara- Eyes tell a lot about a person. Make your eyes pop instantly by adding mascara. If you have blonde eyelashes or very thin lashes they easily disappear in video content. Try darker mascara such as dark brown or black.

#3 Lipstick- (Step away from the nudes) Cameras are directed towards the face so making your lips pop can help you stand out from others in a positive way. It will catch the viewers attention, get them to start asking questions and listen to what you are saying.

#4 Nude Eyeliner- Unlike black liner- which closes the eye. Nude eyeliner makes the eye appear more open which makes watching the video easy on the viewer’s eye. If you have very large eyes wearing brown eyeliner will help tone down the eye shape but don’t make them appear closed.

#5 Eye Drops- Being on camera for long periods of time or being directly in front of lights can make your eyes red or dull/dry. If you are sharing some juicy content don’t let your eyes stop you. Be proactive and use eye drops. I use it before every episode of Hot Topics so the cameras won’t pick up the long day I’ve had on television.

Have you tried one of the products mentioned in 5 Beauty Products Every Video Content Creator Needs

Did you notice a difference? If so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Your Beauty & Style Expert

Friday, January 5, 2018

6 Fashion Trends that Need to Stop in 2018!

By a raise of hands how tired are you of the crazy Instagram fashion trends of 2017?

(Raises both hands and screams MEEEEE)

Every year the fashion industry gives us some fabulous trends that turn into necessities like stripes or mixed prints. However, it also gives us some horrible trends like garbage bags worn as dresses but put a $2000 price tag. (Crazy right?!)  Just because it’s created doesn’t mean it needs to be around forever. Trends are meant to go away and new ones will be created. Below are 2017 trends I wish would just burn….okay a little dramatic but as a personal wardrobe expert they literally make me cringe when I see them on women & men. No shade if some are your favorite. :/ You rocked them in 2017 now it’s time to donate….or throw away!

Jason Dean 

#1: Clear heels.
No matter how cute these shoes are on women’s feet after a few moments they look like someone trying to squeeze their foot to wear Cinderella size 6 glass slippers. The boot version makes everyone’s feet look sweaty and in need of air conditioning. The trend was cute but like all things they must come to a STOP at some point.

#2: Leggings as pants.
Wearing leggings as pants was never ok in ANY year however, in 2017 (Thank you Kim Kardashian) legging outfits where the “it” look and I am pleased to announce it needs to STOP! Just because you add an oversized coat to the outfit leggings are NOT pants. Leggings should not show underwear, camel toe, or pubic hairs. I am sorry but that is what I have seen since this trend became popular. Leggings will now and always be a layering piece not the main piece.

#3: Fur slides.
Where do I start….just stop….throw away immediately! That’s all….

#4: Shower robes as dresses.
This is the perfect example of “just wear what you have on” when your friend calls you last minute to invite you to an event. However, I don’t think she/he meant it literally. I am nervous that next shower caps will be the new hat. (If you see this remember you read it here first! Haha) Rita makes it look fabulous on the red carpet but was I the only one terrified the whole time her belt would come undone or loosen. I don’t know about your robes but mine never stays completely closed a little too much boob shows. Just me? 

 #5: See through dresses.
Soooooooooooo why wear a dress? Mesh, lace, plastic etc doesn’t keep you warm, covered up, or decent.  This is what I consider indecent exposure! It is an illegal action in every state so please bring back the real dresses and STOP see through dresses. Leave them for sexy time in the bedroom with your mate.

#6: Shoe thigh high boots.
In 2017 thigh highs, waist highs, body highs where everywhere and seen on all your favorite celebrities to bloggers. I loved them and purchased for clients who desired to rock the trend too. However, like every trend someone always goes wayyyyy to far. This is when designers created the sock/shoe thigh high boot! They gave no ankle support, rolled down (team thick thighs), and looked horrible worn over jeans. Just STOP! 

Do you have any fashion trends you wish would just STOP in 2018? If so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Your Beauty & Style Expert

 P.s. No intentional shade given! xoxo

Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Years Radiant & Hangover Beauty Hacks

5…4…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Rewind 5 hours prior…

We all want to bring in the New Year looking fabulous with sequins, dresses, red lips- oh did I mention glitter!  Also, popping bubbly with those we love and snapping tons of pictures to look back on once we’ve subsided. But have you considered how you will keep your makeup looking great and fresh after a couple of cocktails or bottles of champagne?

Below I have included some of the top hacks to help you look radiant and you’re very best all night. Who wants to look back at pictures of runny mascara, patchy/ bleeding lipstick, and half of your foundation rubbed off from all the greeting hugs?

Kick off the night prepared and ready for any beauty emergency #LuxBabe!

#1: Picture Perfect Skin
Before applying your favorite foundation spray 3-4 pumps of setting spray onto the face. This will set the skin before foundation. When applying foundation spray one pump of setting spray on the tool you desire to use for application. This is locking the foundation into the skin so it holds longer throughout the night!

#2: Lock that Pucker in Place
 From drinking to kissing your bae lipstick can bleed or look patchy through the light. Lock your lipstick in place by doing the following routine: exfoliate, moisture, line with brow wax pencil, apply lip color, and dust translucent powder over lips (very lightly). This will ensure your lips look great all night long. So pucker up!!! Xoxo

#3: DIY Festive Hair Accessories
Don’t know what to do with that necklace or pair of earring you got for Christmas but don’t totally love? Wear them as hair accessories. Yep you read that right. Use hair pins to secure in desired place. I love to wrap my high/low ponytails with a necklace by inserting the hair pin in the closure. This gives your hair style a festive look without buying anything new. Use clip on earrings to secure side swept looks for a touch of glam too.

#4: Clean & Cold
No matter how late you get in the house on New Year’s morning CLEAN your face!!! Don’t bring the new year in with a new zit. After cleaning your face splash yourself 2-3 times with cold water- this helps with circulation, aids in de-puffing, and gives a nice glow.

Fast forward 5 hours….you look and are having an amazing night. Definitely one to remember!

Be safe and make sure to have a designated driver. Have a LUX NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl if you try one of the beauty hacks! 

Your Personal Beauty & Style Expert

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maximize Your Sheet Mask

(Photo Credit: BeautyBanter)

Lately, I have been in love with wearing sheet mask. The name may sound funny but they have been all the rave and some have lived up to the hype. If you remember last year was all about the gold under eye mask and silver "Glam" mask.

Well move over because the sheet mask is taking over the beauty industry this year.

You can find mask for dry skin, oily skin, acne pron skin, soothing, brightening, blemishes, wrinkles, and so much more. They range in price from $5 to $90, depending on the brand and the type of mask.

They can look a little scary but the benefits are worth looking like Jason Voorhees for 10-30 minutes.

I love to wear the Sephora Rose Moisturizing & Brightening ($6) facial sheet mask on days before a big event to calm the skin and brighten the skin without additional products.

I have really been focusing on the health and appearance of my skin without makeup. The key to a flawless makeup look is great healthy skin!

(Photo Credit Here)

Below are a few tips to really maximize your sheet mask and get your money worth:

  1. 1. Keep the second sheet that peals off the original sheet mask- just cut out the mouth and viola two masks.
  2. 2. Use the extra product with a cotton round pad. Instead of throwing away the package filled with liquid fold the top and put into sandwich bag. It can be applied at a later date for those problem areas. 
  3. 3. After removing mask pat product into skin to maximize results. 

Have you ever used sheet mask? If so which brand do you recommend? Let us know in the Facebook Group or leave your comment below. :)

Thank you for reading and enjoying this post. Until next time...Be Unique, Be You

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Professional Wardrobe for L1s

I remember it like it was yesterday applying for my first legal internship. I was nervous, anxious, and ready to prove everything I had learned over the years. Like most senior or new graduate law student we learned the law in school however, we didn’t learn how to look the part for our new lifestyle.

Majority of us wore t-shirts, sweats/jeans, sneakers for our day to day wardrobe. Now we have to look like lawyers on a very small budget.

Law is a serious field so we should look serious. Right? 

Does that mean dull and boring? 

Being a new L1 you already have to prove yourself to associates, partners etc. So how do you look like you deserve to work in the industry?

Years ago in the legal field you didn’t see a lot of bright colors, prints, or fashion icons.

Today lawyers, judges, paralegals, interns, etc are looking fierce and closing big cases while looking stylish. We are seeing more power color suits for women, silhouettes, patterns, materials, tailored suits for men, and shoes are making you take a double look.

So to answer if you have to look boring to be taken serious…NO! You don’t have to cover up who you are with all black and brown attire.

It is more important today to show you have what it takes overall to be the best attorney or judge. Hundreds of thousands of attorneys graduate yearly. What will you do to stand out in your interview or position?

If you are on a budget adding these 5 garments to your wardrobe will help you look the part as a new L1! The goal is to make several outfits that will look clean and professional.

I recommend budgeting $200-$500 based on the store and quality. I DO NOT recommend spending over $500 in your first year of law due to your body and life will change.

Bonus Shopping Tips:  1.) Save your buck and shop at stores like New York & Company, H&M, Dorthy Perkins, JC Penny, Khols and thrift stores. 2.) Ask if additional discounts are available for college students. 3.) Set a budget and stick to it. 4.) Purchase soles to keep shoes comfortable-you will be working long hours and on your feet walking a lot.

Congrats on making it!!!! Now lets look the part! 

#1- Navy or Blue Blazer (Preferably tailored) – A navy or blue blazer can be worn with many different bottom options from jeans to pencil skirts/dress pants. You can make a thrift store blazer look AMAZING by getting it tailored. Skip Starbucks twice and viola you have the funds to get a tailored blazer! (Sacrifices….)   

#2- Dress Shoes, flats or 3 inch (or less) heels- You will be doing a lot of walking in your first year of law based on where you get a job. If it is at law offices in walking distance to the courthouse prepare to get all your steps in for your fitbit! Purchase a pair of Dr. Scholls shoe inserts for additional comfort. Wear your heels in the office and your flats when running errands.

#3-Power Suit- The reason it is called a power suit is because it is the one outfit worn to boost your confidence, fits to perfection, looks great on you, and makes others take you serious. Think of it as your armor as the new law knight! 

#4- White or Striped Button Down- You will purchase many of these in your career. Men: Know your neck circumference and arm length. Ladies: Ensure your shirt does not have a breast bulge or gap.

(Photo Credit: TheClassyCubicle)

#5-Accessories (Tie, Watch, Socks, Handbag, Dainty bracelet, necklace, earrings)- Adding the right accessories will complete your look and will add your personal touch. Don’t be afraid to wear burgundy strings with brown shoes, scarves, textured ties, bold necklaces, and/or watches.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

How To Shop For Summer Essentials Wisely

Essentials are the items that will be there when all the trends go out of season/style. That is why building a wardrobe full of essentials first is my main priority for my personal style clients. Summer time is here which means it is time to start budgeting, investing, and shopping for your summer essentials. No need to feel like you have to drop hundreds of dollars if that is not in your budget.

"Shop for quality not quantity"! – Christina

An excellent summer essential piece to buy is a bathing suit. Many of us are afraid to wear a bathing suit because we haven't invested time to see which one will work for our body. Depending on your needs you may need to spend more or less. A great quality bathing suit can last you years- 20 or more beach trips or over a dozen pool parties! So how do you shop wisely when your budget level is low?

#1: Invest in Time - Take some time out of your day to really get into the racks and find what you like. Don't go in with only a few minutes to spare or rushing with the kids. Get a minimum of 5 items in two different sizes to shorten the try on time- get your real size and your comfortable size.

#2: Know the Material – In the summer time the right fabric can help you look and feel amazing. The wrong fabric can make you look like a sweaty mess and show too much. My biggest question from clients is "how do I stay cool but look great"?. One of my top tips is to find clothes with great breathable fabrics. Staying cool in the summer is important for many reasons that include health, fashion and comfort. The goal is to allow the maximum amount of air through the fabric so the body feels cooler. Look for these fabrics when shopping: Linen•Cotton•Lace•Light Silk• Georgette•Chambray!

#3: Plan according to your Itinerary – Instead of buying everything cute item in your favorite store shop according to your summer itinerary. Going on vacation? Planning adult pool time or parties for the kids, shop for that occasion. Get the most wear out of your items. Sit down and write out your plans for the summer. Does your planned summer lifestyle match how you are picking your items? If no, it is time to plan according to your itinerary.

Figuring out where to shop for your size and budget can be frustrating. The end result is wasting money on items that are good enough NOT perfect for your authentic image!

Get your free Shopping Resource List filled with over 50 stores (physical & online).  No more shopping at the same stores and getting the same results. Get yours today >> HERE<<

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Best Dresses for Graduation

It's officially May, the month of finals and graduation!! Hopefully, by now you have your cap and gown, tickets for everyone attending, and your outfit in mind.

Graduation is one of the biggest milestones in your life from high school to college. You have worked hard to get to this point and when you cross that stage your life is going to change. I want to take this time and congratulate you if you are graduating!!!!!

On your big day it can be filled with so much emotion and thoughts. What do I do next? Now I have to pack up and get ready for college. Or I have to pack up and move so I can work. Don't let the big day stress you out. Live in the moment, take lots of pictures, and of course look stylish.

I can't help you live in the moment or take your photos, but I can help you look stylish in all your photos so they look amazing when you post them on social media! :)

It's going to be big smiles as you hold your diploma or degree, have a dress to match your excitement.

No worries we've got you covered. Below are some of the best dresses you can wear for graduation! When looking for a great dress for graduation I recommend the following:

1. Determine if it is a day or night graduation.
2. Indoor or Outdoor?
3. Warm or Cold temperatures?
4. Budget.
5. What are your after plans? Party or dinner?
6. Is there a dress code?

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