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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Best Shoe Sites For Women Size 4 and Up!

Do you remember the scene from Cinderella when every girl in the village tried to fit the glass slipper? It was a dream to marry the prince and it could happen if they could fit the slipper. However, no one could fit the shoe because it belonged to Cinderella and her foot was super small.

Finding small shoes can be hard to locate because most shoe companies only sale sizes 4.5 -5 in samples. However, like Cinderella small feet are special too and those who wear small sizes should also feel like a Queen when shopping. I cant guarantee a prince with purchase but I can guarantee a stylish shoe with compliments! 

Like clients who have large feet I also have clients who have small feet.
One of my lovely followers on Facebook said “Finding nice heels in size 5 is the hardest”. 

I never want shopping to be hard that is why when I read that comment I knew I had to make a post for my #luxbabes who are struggling to find nice, cute, chic, and stylish shoes. Let’s get back to exciting shoe shopping days!

If you need help finding shoes for sizes 9-15…yes 15…read 5 Shoe Sites for Sizes 9-15! Maybe you have a friend or relative who’s always upset they can’t find cute shoes in their large size so make sure to share!

1. Cinderella of Boston -(Perfect name right!) 

2. Aldo 

3. Jildor 

4. Marmi - The perfect small shoe size boutique. 

5. Zappos - (Something for every size and gender. Sooo under rated.) 

Thank you for reading this blog post. Stay lux & confident!

Don't forget to follow on social for more advice, tips, and more! @pinkluxpl 

Your Beauty & Style Expert



Friday, May 25, 2018

Best Shoe Sites for Women Size 9-15

You have your glass of wine, music playing on Pandora, and laptop open (or phone) ready to search for new shoes! Let’s be honest who doesn’t like shopping for shoes?? We only have two feet but need tons to choose from…yes NEED! Lol So many styles to choose from but only a few are lucky to get added to the cart.

However, if you have a size 9 and up foot the shoe shopping experience may not be as exciting.

It’s more like wine, music, laptop, searching on dozens of websites, starting to feel frustrated, being frustrated, filling wine glass again and trying to find what you need but ending up with ugly, plain, flats. Yea, doesn't really sound like a great evening anymore.

Your evening can end GREAT! Keep reading...

So many of my clients have super stylish outfits but feel limited to shoes- they have the basic black, nude, and brown shoes. I preach building the basics first but it can make getting dressed boring if you are limited to only 3 styles. Even minimalist have 5 types to choose from on a daily basis.

Well no worries…I did all the research for you so save your time and get back to enjoying the shoe shopping experience. Below are the bestshoe sites for women size 9-15….YEP I found up to a size 15! Woohoo…do your happy dance!

Just let me know if you find something cute below in the comments or over on social media –Instagram : @pinkluxpl

4. Zappos

Thank you for reading this blog post. Stay lux & confident!

Don't forget to follow on social for more advice, tips, and more! @pinkluxpl 

Your Beauty & Style Expert



Thursday, January 25, 2018

10 Most Common Wardrobe Mistakes

Women love to shop! It is true. Have you ever found yourself just randomly scrolling on a website then one week later (or if you were on Amazon 2 days later) a box arrives at the door. You open the box, tear the package open and your eyes smize at your new garment. (Best feeling- I know.) Some times that item becomes a favorite you wear over and over. However, 80% of the time that item only gets worn a handful of times before it’s replaced by something else you temporarily love.

 (Image Pexels)
Unfortunately, for some this cycle goes on year after year usually ending in mornings with nothing to wear. In 2018 I don’t want you going through the endless unhappy wardrobe cycle. This is why I wanted to share the 10 most common wardrobe mistakes shoppers make year after year! 

1. You don’t reflect.
Before shopping take a look at your current closet. Find those items you love and determine WHY. Are they a certain color, silhouette, fabric? Did you feel amazing in it? Often we purchase new items without reflecting on what we have or what it can be worn with in your closet. If you can’t wear it with at least 3-5 garments –it’s a NO!

2. You don’t plan.
Seasons change the same time every year however, you wait until mid or the end of the season to try to stock up on necessities. Shop one month before the season starts to get first picks of selections. Shopping tip* stores update/stock inventory one-two months before the season changes. Also, create a budget and plan accordingly.

3. You purge but repurchase similar items.
If you purge the item DON’T look back or have purge remorse. Treat it like a bad ex and move on.

4. You don’t use a tailor.
A tailor is not just someone you see on your wedding day. Find a great one and hold on to him/her. Love an item but can’t fit it anymore? If it is worth it, take it to tailor. Fall back in love with the garment once it fits.

5. You buy for the number not for comfort.
A certain size doesn’t mean you are not or less beautiful. Instead of tearing yourself apart because of a number focus on the fit and how amazing you look in the garment. If it doesn’t fit instantly compliment yourself DON’T bash your body. ~Self script: Omg it doesn’t fit…I love my legs, booty, and hips so let’s find something that makes them stand out! Smile and go find that item.

6. You haven’t determined your style/ personal brand image.
This can be hard especially if you don’t know where to start. Sorry to tell you that having dozens of pinterst boards or taking style box quizzes are not going to help- it is a great start. Get someone who is not biased to help or who doesn’t want to create a mini them. Remember if you never ask you will never know.

7. You don’t measure yourself.
Stepping on the scale and measuring yourself can be the most dreadful experiences like ever! Instead look at measuring your body as a tool and piece of knowledge to help you grow into the best YOU! I recommend measuring twice a year (Jan-June & July-Dec).

8. You still think quantity matters not quality.
Can you barely see all your clothes in the closet? Do you feel like nothing represents you well? If so buying more is not the answer. Instead review 1-7 and get quality pieces girl! No need for 7 pairs of black jeans….like really…when do you wear the 7th pair? Keep your fav 2-3 and purge the others.

9. You still think you have to lose 10-100lbs to have a great wardrobe.
This is the #1 reason I hear as a personal stylist. I have some great news- YOU LOOK AMAZING already! A great wardrobe/style is available for ANY size. You don’t have to wait. Learn now and it will help you no matter your size or shape.

10. You don’t think you make wardrobe mistakes or need help!
Criticize or correct? One is easy to do but the other takes looking in the mirror. Which one will you do in 2018? Will you break the mistake cycle?

Do you make a wardrobe mistake I didn’t list? If so tag us and  tell us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post stay lux & confident!

Your Beauty & Style Expert


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Beauty Products Every Video Content Creator Needs

In 2017 the #1 way people enjoyed their tips, information, knowledge was from video content. This includes webinars, YouTube videos, FaceBook Live, Instragram Live/post. Don’t get me wrong people still love to read but they rather get the content in video form. In 2018 video content is not going anywhere and I would advise you to stand out not blend in.

What does this mean for you?

It means hopping on with a 2 day not brushed/combed hair or running eyeliner days need to come to an end.

Just think about it from the viewer’s perspective. They are scrolling and see you looking uninviting with your image...guess what? They are going to keep scrolling or not take you serious if they choose to tune in. 

Does this mean you need to have on a full face of makeup? NO!

Does this mean you need a glam squad? NO!

It does mean you need to give your audience something to look at and not get distracted by your background or worse get bored.

The truth is you don’t need a beauty team on payroll just for you to go Live on Facebook or make Youtube videos. You do need to know what products and tools can help make you stand out from others in your profession.

There are millions of video content created daily. How will you stand out?

To get started these are the 5 beauty products every video content creator needs (They won’t cost you a fortune) :)

#1 Concealer- Remember a whole face of makeup isn’t needed but covering up a zit from pms time, redness, or dark under eye circles is needed. Find a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover those emergency moments. To make it appear like skin not a cover up- blend out with your finger in circular movements slowly going outward.

#2 Mascara- Eyes tell a lot about a person. Make your eyes pop instantly by adding mascara. If you have blonde eyelashes or very thin lashes they easily disappear in video content. Try darker mascara such as dark brown or black.

#3 Lipstick- (Step away from the nudes) Cameras are directed towards the face so making your lips pop can help you stand out from others in a positive way. It will catch the viewers attention, get them to start asking questions and listen to what you are saying.

#4 Nude Eyeliner- Unlike black liner- which closes the eye. Nude eyeliner makes the eye appear more open which makes watching the video easy on the viewer’s eye. If you have very large eyes wearing brown eyeliner will help tone down the eye shape but don’t make them appear closed.

#5 Eye Drops- Being on camera for long periods of time or being directly in front of lights can make your eyes red or dull/dry. If you are sharing some juicy content don’t let your eyes stop you. Be proactive and use eye drops. I use it before every episode of Hot Topics so the cameras won’t pick up the long day I’ve had on television.

Have you tried one of the products mentioned in 5 Beauty Products Every Video Content Creator Needs

Did you notice a difference? If so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Your Beauty & Style Expert

Friday, January 5, 2018

6 Fashion Trends that Need to Stop in 2018!

By a raise of hands how tired are you of the crazy Instagram fashion trends of 2017?

(Raises both hands and screams MEEEEE)

Every year the fashion industry gives us some fabulous trends that turn into necessities like stripes or mixed prints. However, it also gives us some horrible trends like garbage bags worn as dresses but put a $2000 price tag. (Crazy right?!)  Just because it’s created doesn’t mean it needs to be around forever. Trends are meant to go away and new ones will be created. Below are 2017 trends I wish would just burn….okay a little dramatic but as a personal wardrobe expert they literally make me cringe when I see them on women & men. No shade if some are your favorite. :/ You rocked them in 2017 now it’s time to donate….or throw away!

Jason Dean 

#1: Clear heels.
No matter how cute these shoes are on women’s feet after a few moments they look like someone trying to squeeze their foot to wear Cinderella size 6 glass slippers. The boot version makes everyone’s feet look sweaty and in need of air conditioning. The trend was cute but like all things they must come to a STOP at some point.

#2: Leggings as pants.
Wearing leggings as pants was never ok in ANY year however, in 2017 (Thank you Kim Kardashian) legging outfits where the “it” look and I am pleased to announce it needs to STOP! Just because you add an oversized coat to the outfit leggings are NOT pants. Leggings should not show underwear, camel toe, or pubic hairs. I am sorry but that is what I have seen since this trend became popular. Leggings will now and always be a layering piece not the main piece.

#3: Fur slides.
Where do I start….just stop….throw away immediately! That’s all….

#4: Shower robes as dresses.
This is the perfect example of “just wear what you have on” when your friend calls you last minute to invite you to an event. However, I don’t think she/he meant it literally. I am nervous that next shower caps will be the new hat. (If you see this remember you read it here first! Haha) Rita makes it look fabulous on the red carpet but was I the only one terrified the whole time her belt would come undone or loosen. I don’t know about your robes but mine never stays completely closed a little too much boob shows. Just me? 

 #5: See through dresses.
Soooooooooooo why wear a dress? Mesh, lace, plastic etc doesn’t keep you warm, covered up, or decent.  This is what I consider indecent exposure! It is an illegal action in every state so please bring back the real dresses and STOP see through dresses. Leave them for sexy time in the bedroom with your mate.

#6: Shoe thigh high boots.
In 2017 thigh highs, waist highs, body highs where everywhere and seen on all your favorite celebrities to bloggers. I loved them and purchased for clients who desired to rock the trend too. However, like every trend someone always goes wayyyyy to far. This is when designers created the sock/shoe thigh high boot! They gave no ankle support, rolled down (team thick thighs), and looked horrible worn over jeans. Just STOP! 

Do you have any fashion trends you wish would just STOP in 2018? If so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Your Beauty & Style Expert

 P.s. No intentional shade given! xoxo

Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Years Radiant & Hangover Beauty Hacks

5…4…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Rewind 5 hours prior…

We all want to bring in the New Year looking fabulous with sequins, dresses, red lips- oh did I mention glitter!  Also, popping bubbly with those we love and snapping tons of pictures to look back on once we’ve subsided. But have you considered how you will keep your makeup looking great and fresh after a couple of cocktails or bottles of champagne?

Below I have included some of the top hacks to help you look radiant and you’re very best all night. Who wants to look back at pictures of runny mascara, patchy/ bleeding lipstick, and half of your foundation rubbed off from all the greeting hugs?

Kick off the night prepared and ready for any beauty emergency #LuxBabe!

#1: Picture Perfect Skin
Before applying your favorite foundation spray 3-4 pumps of setting spray onto the face. This will set the skin before foundation. When applying foundation spray one pump of setting spray on the tool you desire to use for application. This is locking the foundation into the skin so it holds longer throughout the night!

#2: Lock that Pucker in Place
 From drinking to kissing your bae lipstick can bleed or look patchy through the light. Lock your lipstick in place by doing the following routine: exfoliate, moisture, line with brow wax pencil, apply lip color, and dust translucent powder over lips (very lightly). This will ensure your lips look great all night long. So pucker up!!! Xoxo

#3: DIY Festive Hair Accessories
Don’t know what to do with that necklace or pair of earring you got for Christmas but don’t totally love? Wear them as hair accessories. Yep you read that right. Use hair pins to secure in desired place. I love to wrap my high/low ponytails with a necklace by inserting the hair pin in the closure. This gives your hair style a festive look without buying anything new. Use clip on earrings to secure side swept looks for a touch of glam too.

#4: Clean & Cold
No matter how late you get in the house on New Year’s morning CLEAN your face!!! Don’t bring the new year in with a new zit. After cleaning your face splash yourself 2-3 times with cold water- this helps with circulation, aids in de-puffing, and gives a nice glow.

Fast forward 5 hours….you look and are having an amazing night. Definitely one to remember!

Be safe and make sure to have a designated driver. Have a LUX NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @pinkluxpl if you try one of the beauty hacks! 

Your Personal Beauty & Style Expert

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maximize Your Sheet Mask

(Photo Credit: BeautyBanter)

Lately, I have been in love with wearing sheet mask. The name may sound funny but they have been all the rave and some have lived up to the hype. If you remember last year was all about the gold under eye mask and silver "Glam" mask.

Well move over because the sheet mask is taking over the beauty industry this year.

You can find mask for dry skin, oily skin, acne pron skin, soothing, brightening, blemishes, wrinkles, and so much more. They range in price from $5 to $90, depending on the brand and the type of mask.

They can look a little scary but the benefits are worth looking like Jason Voorhees for 10-30 minutes.

I love to wear the Sephora Rose Moisturizing & Brightening ($6) facial sheet mask on days before a big event to calm the skin and brighten the skin without additional products.

I have really been focusing on the health and appearance of my skin without makeup. The key to a flawless makeup look is great healthy skin!

(Photo Credit Here)

Below are a few tips to really maximize your sheet mask and get your money worth:

  1. 1. Keep the second sheet that peals off the original sheet mask- just cut out the mouth and viola two masks.
  2. 2. Use the extra product with a cotton round pad. Instead of throwing away the package filled with liquid fold the top and put into sandwich bag. It can be applied at a later date for those problem areas. 
  3. 3. After removing mask pat product into skin to maximize results. 

Have you ever used sheet mask? If so which brand do you recommend? Let us know in the Facebook Group or leave your comment below. :)

Thank you for reading and enjoying this post. Until next time...Be Unique, Be You

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